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Today is another day in which I don't have much inspiration to blog, I'm not running out of topics (I have many ideas in my head) but its more like I need to write something quickly. But so many of the topics I have require some extra photography/editing etc. This post today was meant to be a quick one, but it's ending up taking more time than planned Haha!

I thought it might be fun to share some images and links of items that I would like to buy while I am in Tokyo this May. Some things are sold out, but others are not so I am going to be picking them up for sure XD Of course my full wish list is too big to post here, but hopefully you get a taste of my style from this hehe^^

You can click on the images to reach the shop links!


This is what I call a bra top dress! I'm not sure what attracts me to this dress so much, I usually don't wear sexy clothing, but this just looks so cute and fun! I really want it in the blue color, and I know my bust is small enough not to look ridiculous in it. But it's sold out TT please restock this!


I really want this sweater in yellow, I mean really want it. It would be prefect with some outfits I already have. I like the design of this one, but any yellow cardi would be ok I think. Yellow is just not a super common color though.


These lace shorts are so useful right? hehe^^ I would like to get some to wear under my skirts and long shirts. Well they might be too short for me, but that is something I will have to find out later XD The nice thing is Yumetenbo offers many varieties of these, and some up to size LL.


And I'd like this fluffy black skirt, it's just something basic to round out my wardrobe. I have a black skirt now, but I don't really like it.


Who wouldn't love some super cute Chocomint accessories?? They are a must for fairy kei coordinates, and I think some of them can be mixed with regular outfits as well. I don't know if I would ever wear things like this, but they are just so cute to look at ^^

Photobucket Photobucket

I plan to buy some iconic items from W*C, I like the "I Love SF" shirts alot. They make me giggle hehe^^ Have you see the new undies on the staff blog? Those are super cute, I hope they will fit me. It would be really cute to have the waistband peeking out over some jeans!


Well the can can hat (boater hat) is still popular, and I have some coordinates that would look great with a can can hat, so I intend to pick one up. I particularly like the one made by MARS (photo from Universaldoll) but I know there are so many cute kinds out there to choose from^^

Well I think that's enough for today haha. I really feel materialistic and selfish writing all these "I want, I want, I want" phrases. ^^;; I hope it wasn't too annoying reading through my selfishness. Well I'd better go to some chores and schoolwork now, have a great day everyone!
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  1. i love the choices!!! i especially LOVE can can hats. i just ordered 2, 1 came in already :3

    can't wait to see what you buy in tokyo!

  2. You picked out great clothes. I espcially like those lace shorts. I found some at Zara but unfortunatly my hips are even to big for size L, I already thought that they imported them from Asia..?! O_O"
    Anyway, I hope you'll make lots of outfit posts when you got those items. <3

  3. Loving the cardigans on the second photo!!

  4. Oh I love the yellow sweater, especially because it's says "Delicious" on the back. I would definatly get it if i could!!! :D
    And the WC undies are cute ^.^
    It's not selfish, we all want something. So nothing wrong with expressing things you would like to have. (:

  5. I absolutely love the lace pants, I've wanted ones since I first saw them, and spotted a pinkish ones at zara.
    The sad part is they don't look really good on me... (or is this my luck? 15€ I saved XD)

  6. Good choice!
    I like everything! I also want that super cute lace shorts and I love that Can Can hat from Ma*rs :3

  7. Apart from the super cute haircandies & the first dress GODDAMN UR CHOICES = LOVE.
    It seems as if ur quite the casual type, or boyish?
    Doesn't matter, I LIKE.
    And thx for writing all that kind comments @ my blog ( ;A; ) It's so rude not to reply, I always read your blog on google reader but feel too lazy to answer, sorry sorry....

  8. all is so cute but I specially loved the first dress!!

  9. i lvoe the boater hat and the dress ^^

  10. Will you visit Liz Lisa too? <3
    I want a lace short tooo, it's so perfect for summer! *____*

  11. lol yeah I love Fairy-kei accessories and all but sometimes it's really hard for me to wear them with my outfits. they are nice to look at :D

  12. I highly recommend the lace short, fluffy short skirt and the can can hat, despite the lace short, I have the others. It really makes your T-shirt become bright and make you look cute! They're easy to be arranged with any long T-shirts!! And the can can hat also, you can match it with casual black suit, jacket, even long dress or pants, will give you a cool and mixed style.^^

  13. I adore this shopping list of yours! Everything's so cute and so YOU! =D I like those undies too...tee hee.

  14. Boater hats are UBER popular here. But it's really hard to find a nice style. The one you found is one of those rare nice boater hats :D

  15. cute clothes :) i hope you can find some of them. it's better to try them directly then to order them.

    if you find good shops please tell me :) i want to buy many clothes too and i don't really care about brands. i think in the sunshine city are good shops :)

    i ordered those lace pants in black and white. i hope i can wear them :) i ordered them in size l - i hope they are not to big.

  16. I ♥ CanCan hats i want one too in japan.. i hope it fit me xD
    and i love the first dress.. but i would be affraid to wear it without a shirt or someting like else here in germany xD

    yay i love this pants they are so cute... and perfect for dresses when they are a bit to short :==)))

    and i don´t think i will take the shoes with me to japan^^ i wanna buy there new one ♥ and i only will take 3 pair of shoes with me.. 2 pairs i can pull at the bin that i can take new one with home XD cause i am affraid of the "zoll" XD

  17. So cute clothing! My wishlist is growing from day to day until the next time I can go to Japan again!

    I hope you can find everything you want! And don't forget to post fotos from you wearing all the new stuff! :-)))

  18. Japan is shopping heaven, if you know where to find it! hehe. Lovely shopping list you have there!

    I didnt have the meetup at Narita, god that is all the way in Narita.. too far from Tokyo. She stopped by in Tokyo and we met up in a local, large busy station ^^

  19. I love the extra little halter ruffle pice on the "bra dresses!" I think dresses like this are cute but I'm a bit self-conscience about showing cleavage (should work to get over this.)

    You're on a yellow mission!! Definitely you already have those sweet shoes to match!

    I saw those undies! SO funny!!!! I hope that's an item they keep around because I'd like some to wear with my baggy pants XD

  20. So many cute clothes! I hope you get the blue version of the dress soon~ It sure is super pretty! :))

    Uh* It's hard to find boater hats here in sweden~ I've been looking for one for about 4 months now... and everywhere i go~ ask if they have boaters, they look at me weirdly and turn me down once again~ :\ Uh*

    Well anyways thnx for sharing! Hugggles* Keep it up!

  21. Boater hat! I want that boater hat!

  22. Cute cute shopping list!! I love them all!! Gaaah...can't go shopping until the semester is over...but I think I might break very soon...xD


  23. Aww, I am going to India this May so I can't dress up as much (not without having my lovely stuff stolen by both humans and monkeys, orz). You're lucky!

    Also, @Kikiyaku and @Sasa: Zara's sizes here in Asia (am from the Philippines) are pretty small, so are Mango/MNG (many items of which are produced here)'s for that matter. However I did spot some XLs here, though I'm not sure they're in the short styles photographed in this post. If I find them, would you like them? ^_^

  24. I love the yellow sweater, and the lace shorts...although maybe not together haha XD
    I also second the can can hat, especially the MA*RS one which is super cute.

    And I did originally want a pair of the WC pants but then I realised that I never wear boyfriend jeans etc. to show them off D:

  25. You sound a lot like me in this post...I want I want I want!! Except I never buy anything :/ Too cheap haha!

    I linked this in my weekly wrapup!

    xoxo :)

  26. The lace shorts are so gorgeous! I can't wait to go to Japan lolol.


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