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Whew! I finished that big paper I've been complaining about recently, it took 1.5 hours to write six pages and it was like pulling teeth! I'm so glad that it's mostly done (gotta add quotes and sources) because that means I can focus more on blogging and preparing for Japan now ^^

I'm really sorry about yesterday, I can't believe I forgot FHF!! TT My mind seriously just was totally blank yesterday! I haven't been putting the effort I like to put into this blog recently, so I'm really sorry to anyone who might have been disappointed! Well now I can finally starting writing about my last full day in Tokyo during Japan Trip 4. Throw in a couple of personal posts and we'll be right up to my Japan Trip 5 arrival day! hehe


Anyway, I come baring photos of Shibuya, so I hope my absence yesterday will be forgiven hehe^^ I personally enjoy seeing photos of Shibuya and I hope you share my sentiment. I spent my last day in Tokyo in Shibuya, which I thought was an appropriate way to finish up the travel.

I decided I would try visiting 109 one more time, brave the crowds and try to purchase a couple of things before I left and didn't have the chance again till next week haha! Well the crowds were noticably thinner than after New Year's, but it was still the weekend which was meant it was pretty much full. I still felt like a bull in a china shop and was quite shy about looking around.

Shibuya 109

The only stores I actually entered were W*C and SBY. I was looking for a specific piece in W*C, but they didn't have it yet so I left empty handed. Although in retrospect I should've bought something else anyway, there was plenty to choose from haha. But I felt like I should leave because one of the staff girls called me Kowai. I guess I get called that alot because I'm tall, big and my natural facial expression looks quite stern.

So then I went to SBY next door just to look around at the cute things, but ultimately I told myself to save my money. It was like my mantra of that trip haha! I considered buying a bag but I instead got a big hair ribbon and a knit cap. Oh my gosh the staff girls there were super cute, I was like "Can I please transplant my brain into your body?" haha!

Little Sheep Mongolian hotpot restaurant, I ate at this place in San Diego. I was so surprised to see it in Japan!

Just a street shot of Shibuya

Well after leaving 109 pretty quickly I walked around the streets of Shibuya, and headed toward the Donki. I wanted to pick up a couple more cosmetics before I went back to the US. But that Donki was so claustrophobia inducing that I just had to leave before I got too uncomfortable. But they did have some nice Dollywink eyelashes, something that is on my to-buy list this time for sure!

After that I ended up in Yoyogi park, which I will write a little bit about later this week. And I apologize again about missing FHF, I feel really stupid TT But please rest assured that it will be posted as usual next week!

Cute hair accessories in Claire's in Shibuya

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  1. i cant wait for the photos u bring back on ur next visit ^^
    im really excited for u :3

    tehe i don't really know what I want to do for my own design XD but thank you for your comment on the maid commission ^^

  2. Yay for Shibuya! I totally want to go there <3
    And those Claire's hair accessories look so cute. I want them all!!

    And don't worry about not being able to update your blog like normal. We will still love you!!

  3. Shibuya is totally one of my favorite cities now!

  4. Shibuyaaa (*o*)
    Thanks for this great post. x3
    I have the feeling I was already in Donki too. But I'm not sure... stupid me.
    In my opinion the staff of W*C is scary not the other way around... First I think there's no true in it and second isn't this super mega rude?! Oh my...this shop didn't deserved your money with these staff in it. Oo;

  5. OMG that Claires looks like it has such cuter stuff than the one by me! Jeeeaaalous! Love seeing the pictures though, gets me psyched up for my (far far off) trip to Japan!

  6. i love Donki! I went there yesterday to pick up some extensions :P

  7. Congrats on finishing up your big paper! =D Shibuya's like my fave so I enjoy photos of it too. We have Little Sheep Mongolian in L.A as well. Guess they are super popular! One thing I noticed when I was in Tokyo was that their Claire's is soo much cooler than ours here. =\

  8. Omigosh~ I so want to visit there too~!! I don't really know why i'm so drawn to that city! D: I've never even been there... Or it just might be the issue xD Haha~ Well anyways! Lucky you hun~ <3 Spending some time in the most awesome city in the world! <3 :))

    Oh no prb, i like your blog. And i think we have a similar interest so it's very fun to read!~ :))

    Thnx allot for commenting btw~ <3
    (I'll be posting up a photo session called ''princess gabrielle'' soon~ :))

    Huggles* Peace and Ice cram~*

  9. I'm so looking forward to your photos now!
    Those are great, I can't wait until I'll go to Tokyo :3

    And yes - I'm SO happy to arrive when 5 Days Bargain starts :DD

  10. If only Claire's was like that here! Hehe nice pics, I'm a tad scared to go to japan cause I'm like really tall aswell :P

  11. We don't have anything that cute in Claire's in England D=

  12. I totally love Shibuya! Definitely a place worth to visit! Next time I want to try out Starbucks Coffee at the great Sramble Crossing, to sit there, drink coffee and watch all the people walking :-))

    Have much fun in Tokyo!!!

  13. SHIBUYA.
    MY LOVE.
    Oha, I get afraid right now ( ;A; )
    I feel self-confident but if one of the girls there will call me 'kowai' I'll immediatly break down~ ( ;A; )
    WHY am I 1,74 high, don't want xDDD'

  14. I'm sure she was saying 'kawaii' about you, and not 'kowai' :)

  15. Hello, this is my first comment on your blog. I have been enjoying it recently and wanted to let you know :)

    Your "bull in a china shop" comment made me laugh. I always feel like this in 109. Sometimes I even feel like this in the supermarket, haha. But people will stare no matter what and just remember that most of them will wish that they had a free-pass to all that attention. It's an easy way to get your outfit noticed!

  16. what exactly is a kowai?? :S you shouldnt be that shy to not enter a store and buy what you want. :) and shibuya seems really exciting *-*

  17. Shibuya is nice.. anything goes! A bit too much for me.. i go there once in a blue moon :P

  18. Ah you went to Donki!!! Did you see Momoeri's lashes?

  19. That Claire's looks so much cuter than the UK ones, and much more nicely laid out ^_^
    I've never been to Tokyo but I feel awkward browsing around too, I rarely go into empty shops and hate too much from the sound of everyone's comments, shopping in Tokyo might not suit me ^_^"

  20. It's scary to think how much I actually miss Tokyo when I'm looking at these pictures! Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories <3

  21. It's kinda strange. When you're not there you think "OMG I'MA BUY EVERYYTHIIIIING!!!" But when you're at the store you putt around looking at prices and items and so easily tell yourself "I don't REALLY need this."

  22. Damn this photos get me so sad and nostalgic. To the left of Book Off was my old street. So many good and positive memories around there.

    I can't believe you're leaving so soon! You better shop like I would or I will be angry :E hehee


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