Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Good evening my friends. Yes, I am blogging later today, when I have to blog at night I really feels like it throws off my thought process haha. The sun is going down, Chowder is on the TV and I feel like just turning my brain off haha! But I wouldn't leave you without something to read today. ^^

Today I introducing the awesome tourist site, Oedo Onsen Monogatari, which I visited on Day 17 of Japan Trip 4. It was my second to last day, and I was running out of places to visit that I had never visited before. I had been aware of Oedo Onsen's existence before, but I never considered going there. It was my friend who suggested it would be a fun experience, so I set out for Odaiba. ^^

The facade of Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Oedo Onsen Monogatari is a big onsen complex, that has been called a onsen theme park. It is a good way to experience onsen bathing, without having to travel very far. The basic entry fee for the day is 2,900 yen with lower fees in the mornings and evenings. However when I went they were having a special so the entry fee was only 1,900 yen, yay! XD

Put your shoes here

When you first enter Oedo Onsen you will store your shoes in a shoe locker on the left-hand wall. And then you will proceed to the register and pay for your entrance, the cashier will give you plastic wristbands which you use as currency during your stay in Oedo Onsen. Next you will go to the yukata "shop" and pick out a yukata to wear.

There are several choices, and I ended up choosing a print that was popular with the old ladies haha! The young ladies prefer to wear the light color yukata. Anyhow, with yukata in hand you will enter the dressing/locker room. There is a number on your wristband and it corresponds to a specific locker. Once you have finished changing into the yukata you are free to explored Oedo Onsen.

I chose yukata #10 hehe

Of course the main attraction of Oedo Onsen is the onsen, and you will have to enter another changing room and remove your yukata before washing off and soaking in the onsen. But there are also other attractions for you to enjoy including: a foot bath, hot sand bath, fish that eat your feet's dead skin, massages, restaurants and matsuri games!

All of those attractions cost extra money, and you "pay" for them with your wristband. It can be quite pricey to enjoy the extra attractions, the sand bath and fish bath cost 1,500 yen each. But the foot bath and the relaxation room are free. I didn't spend much money, I just bought a couple of snacks.

The main hall of Oedo Onsen, with many games to play and snacks to eat

Rather than go to the public onsen, I decided to rent a private room with private onsen. Yes, I am still too nervous to be naked in front of strangers haha! The cost of the room was 6,000 yen for one hour, but it was worth it because it was their top room and it was completely luxurious!! I will let the photos do the talking.

Top private room in Oedo Onsen

The private bath

Me in the private room, pretending I don't know my picture is being taken haha

After my hour was up, I went back to the main hall of Oedo Onsen and looked around at the games. I then bought a green tea soft serve ice cream and just people watched for awhile. The vast majority of Oedo Onsen patrons are from Korea or China. I only saw 3 other Caucasian people while I was there. I guess Oedo Onsen isn't mentioned in western guidebooks.

I then headed back out, changed into my clothes and went to pay for my snacks. The cashier scans yours wristband and tells you the total bill. I had a really fun time at Oedo Onsen Monogatari, and I would like to visit again, but I'm not sure if it's worth the cost. I think I'd better spend my money on a regular onsen this time hehe^^

Access Info:
The official website has great access directions here
After you get off the yurikamome train, you must exit to the street level and walk a little to reach Oedo Onsen. Facing the Telecom Center you turn right, and you should see it quickly.
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  1. i love how the wristband is used as currency and i think u look beutiful in a yukata ^^

  2. Your hair looked really cute in that bun ^^

  3. Nice! I want to try the fish foot bath this fall, it must tickle like all hell :D

    Cute picture!

  4. aww one day i wanna go in an onsen too..but i need to find a onsen where are tattos allowed because my are on my over arm ( sorry wrong englisch) XD and on my back -.-"

  5. Wow that's a classy private room!! And you look so pretty in the yukata!!

    - An

  6. Great job reporting on that place. I was going to as well, but you did such a good job, I don't need to. (maybe I will at some point later). I loved Dr. Fish, by the way.

  7. Aw wow! You look so pretty in your yukata

  8. Hi,
    I love your blog and this entry is awesome \o/

    You're really cute in yukata and your room was beautiful.

    The Onsen was mixt(?)(Boys and girls) ?

  9. Wow, Onsen is really a great experience, I love going to the onsen, although the water is sometimes too hot for me! :-)))

    But you are looking sooooo great in a yukata! :-)

  10. Aw this looks great! (*-*)
    Somehow I can imagine this fake-matsuri to be as hot as Japan is natuarlly in summer.
    Hm... but somehow it's a bit expensive in my opinion. Or I'm just too greedy. =X

  11. I think onsen are my favorite thing in Japan. Do try to go to a "real" one. Sitting in super hot water while gazing at beautiful natural scenery is a great feeling. So nice that you won't notice so much you are naked with other people! Ha!

  12. You look so beautiful in your yukata! i hope you get to dress up for some summer festivals :D I realy want a bath now, sadly my apartment only has a shower. What "flavor" did you get :) ?

  13. this post is so interesting. to visit an onsen is still on my to do list for japan. but the last 4 times i've been in japan i had no time and it was not important for me. but this year during my days in matsuyama (shikoku) i will visit an onsen. it would not be so good as yours but i hope i like it :)

    btw. do you know if can go into this onsen with tattoos?

  14. That looks so beautiful!
    And you look so so cute in Yukata :3

  15. youve probably gone to ユネッさん in 箱根 right? thats probably the most fun Onsen spa Ive been to. You should check out エノスパ in 江ノ島 for great sea view and spa onsen, or you should goto 下田 in 伊豆, OMG the spa is fantastic and gorgeous view! A little remote tho, that's the best thing about it!

  16. Oh, it's so funny, i was reading a fanfiction taking place in an onsen, i got the whole ida of onsen but I was totally clueless! until i read this post! I want to experience being in an onsen too someday! and that lovely photo is very beautiful!!

  17. :OO I want to go to there!!! Actually I've been looking for a nearby-ish onsen with the footbaths and theirs is really, really nice! And bonus, men & woman can do the footbath together = even better! Thanks for intro'ing this place!

  18. Nice article & photos. I've never been to this onsen, very fancy. I hope you enjoy my video of some of my favorite onsen. The music is an original composition of mine.




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