Mr. Donut, a great place to snack in Japan

I feel like the focus of my is something akin to "whatever I feel like from my personal experience" mixed in with some daily life posts. I want to keep this a personal blog, I don't want to begin writing posts that could be call 'professional' because that will start a cycle of research, but also I think my daily life posts are imbalanced.

Overall I'd like the feeling of Moments Like Diamonds to be Japan and Japanese things from the viewpoint of a young, single and fashionable lady. I also am a bit fearful I might run low on topics next year, since I can't move to Japan until I graduate and I am running real low on travel fund.

Anyhow, I thought I would get into another topic area by introducing my Mr. Donut photos collected throughout my various trips. I love Japanese food and snacks, and like looking at photos of it as much as I like eating it. I hope everyone enjoys food photos as well haha.

Mr. Donut began as an American company, but over time it was taken over by Dunkin' Donuts. Now there are only about 6 shops running under the name Mr. Donut in the US, however you can find them all over Asia.

The sampler set lets you try 6 standard flavors

The reason I'm so attracted to Mr. Donut, and call myself a fan, is because of the variety and flavors of their donuts are quite unlike anything I can find in the US. They are less sugary as all sweets are in Japan, but they are also more delicate and seem more refined. I like trying the flavors and ingredients like matcha, kinako, tofu, arare and etc.

A limited time item puchi puffs. Super light, melt in your mouth donut holes

The first time I tried Mr. Donut was during my first Japan trip. I was able to eat a strawberry cream coated vanilla doughnut. I had a small amount of knowledge of Mr. Donut at that time, so I wasn't too disappointed to find the shop near my residence was closed.

When I returned to the US I was researching about Japan, Tokyo and tourist sites everyday until my next trip haha. I frequently visited the Mr. Donut website, and become seriously interested in their products. I made lists of the unique doughnuts to try on my next trip.

Black sesame and arare and chocolate Pon de Ring doughnuts

And when I was in Tokyo during my most recent trip this January, I introduced my friend to Mr. Donut (despite him being Japanese and having access to Mr. Donut) so I had several trips to various Mr. Donut shops and enjoyed some previous favorites. They were having a nice sale at the time (almost all donuts reduced to Y100) but there were not too many interesting new types to try.

Selection of doughnuts eaten in Akihabara (before I visited Donki hehe)

I am greatly looking forward to my next trip to Japan, so I can eat more delicious Japanese foods haha! And I would also like to introduce more yummy restaurants in Japan in the future.

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  1. Yet again you bring back great memories! Oh delicious fatty memories. I think my man just loves their freakin' adorable mascot pon de lion and the squirrel that I always eat there with him so I have fun memories of Osaka and Fukuoka eating lion manes at 1:00.

    Also being with my two besties and eating donut insides, I'm all sad missing them after seeing that and our silly times at Mister Donut.

    Yet again you take amazing pictures, come be my personal photographer! XD

  2. Oh, Mister Donut <3.

  3. These look soo tasty and your photos aided in me wanting them more!Especially those puchi puffs.
    i like odd flavoured sweets, it sucks that japan gets all these interesting flavoured kit kats and sweets and the uk only gets the norm:(

    I've only ever has krispie kremes and beard papas,maybe oneday i'll get to try these:)

  4. OMG Mister Donut! Oh I wish i could go there, i absolutely love donuts!!! These are such beautiful pictures sara!

    I just looked it up on wiki and the closet mister d is 4 hrs away! but its the last official american one!! I wish I could go but thats pretty far for a donut..haha

  5. thoseee are SO CUTEEE! hahaha! and it makes me so HUNGRY i want to eat them all now! ^___^

  6. Its been a long time since I have had a dount lol
    I do like to have a nice dount, but here in Australia there is no place (that I have found) that I can get a really nice dount.

    I will put on my list to go to Mr. Dount when I go to Japan ^^

  7. Are you planning on moving to Japan? Can you tell us about that? You must have been to A Baker's Wife to eat the best doughnuts in Minneapolis, right? They have a lightness and don't crumble or stick grossly to your mouth like grocery store ones. Do go there if you never have!

  8. omgosh i want some so bad now! that's sad that it got less popular because of Dunkin' Donuts :/ I was never a huge fan of Dunkin anyway.

  9. Darn, I wish I had seen this post prior to my Japan trip. Well actually I wish I had seen all of your Japan posts prior to my trip!

    *takes notes*

    P.S Oh no! Sorry to hear about the Sriracha in your eye. Good thing it wasn't serious.

  10. Omg they look so yummy!
    I love how the japanese have desserts that aren't THAT sweet like for example from Europe. I love flavours like Green Tea or Red Beans!

  11. Aaw I could eat a donut!!
    I have never been to Mr. Donut, but something tells me I should really go! :D
    We don't have any good donuts in Denmark, so I'm not really a fan of donuts.. The friend I'll be going to Japan with next time looooves donuts, so I'll have to take her here ^__^;;

    I love food pictures, btw! ^^

    (And thank you for leaving so nice comments on my entries <3 I get really happy :'D)

  12. oh they look so yummy. We don't have mister donut over here, but we have Dunkin Donuts... However, due to over eating of donuts, now I got phobia... haha, which I totally don't eat donut anymore. I know they taste soooo yummy <3

  13. Those doughnuts look soo yummy. What flavour is the green coloured one in the second picture?

  14. Sara, your posts are not boring, and I like Moment Like Diamonds as it is. You could write about the weather, and I'd still find it interesting! XDD

    Mr.Donuts! We had one around the corner at our hostel in Osaka! My friend liked the Pon de Ring very much!

    I love food pictures as much as you so! Please, more of them!!!

  15. omg I love Mr. Donut *u* Actually, I think I just like the mascots... they are too cute!
    The donuts are ok too, but I love how there are so many different flavors!! So yummy~

    Cannot wait until I can have Mr. Donut again!

  16. Sara, Im hungry now ._. all of a sudden i want to go get krispy! lol

  17. I am soo jealous, those look yummy!

  18. OMG that looks yummy
    i miss the desserts in japan ... wah

  19. Yay Mr.Donut, and even better Green Tea Donut!! XD

    I've stayed in Asakusa the last two times, and I love it - such a great part of Tokyo. I also went to Odaiba, did you visit the Fuji TV museum?

  20. This post totally made me hungry, lol!
    The sampler box & puchi puffs look SO good *__*

  21. omg mister donuts is soooo delicious... I always eat there when I go to Japan. :) enjoy tokyo! chu


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