Day 5 Shopping with Rebecca @ 109 pt. 1

This is what you've been waiting for! I'm sorry that I didn't get this up sooner, but I'm the kind of person who has to write certain articles at certain times. You know, I try to break things up like travel writeup, Day post, coordinate post, travel writeup etc. Today's post is a Day post, but its special because it was a meetup day!

Rebecca contacted me initially about meeting up, and I am so glad she did because I think I would have been too nervous to ask her XD And she was so helpful by propmtly suggesting we meet on (last) Thursday in Shibuya. I was really excited about that because I hadn't been to Shibuya yet during this trip and my money was burning a hole in my pocket haha!

I am making you see this pic again because I love it, but this time it's horizontal so it's ok XD

And sadly now I have to admit I was late TT I left an hour early, but I had to wait some time at the train stations so I was like 20 minutes late or something disgusting like that (I'm sorry again Becci TT) But I saw Rebecca right away at Hachiko, and she greated me so warmly with a hug. Then introduced me to Hyo Chan, Ylva, and another girl who I don't think has a blog? Well we part ways and me and Becci went to 109~

Inside Visalia

Despite it being a weekday, it was rather crowded, not horrible but still too stuffy to move completely freely. Rebecca reminded me it was because its summer vacation/break time. Dur, I totally forgot XD The first shop we visited was Visalia, and Rebecca made a purchase there while I exercised some restraint, barely! haha XD

Rebecca trying on shoes, chatting with the staff-chan at Revorossaclarity

We looked around a little bit more, checking out Cecil McBee (some really great items there!) and peeking into other random shops. We made a quick stop at REVROSSACLARITY where Becci tried on some shoes, but she's just a tiiiiiny bit bigger than L size. I can't even consider shoes here haha!

Good bloggers always photograph their food XD

By that time Becci had gotten hungry because it was a long time since she had breakfast, so we ventured out into the nasty heat to find a place to eat. Yoshinoya was full, with dudes XP so we ended up at Mos Burger! I only got a drink because I'd had lunch before I left, and she got a katsu burger? She said it was seafood inside, so it must have been a kerokke.

A gyaru interviewing for a job, I hope she got it!

It was at Mos Burger that I got the feeling "Wow! Rebecca is really here in front of me, talking to me!" I mean it was a much different feeling from just seeing her in photos. We savored the AC for a little while more, and saw a girl having an interview to become a staff-chan. Then we went back to 109!

We browsed around a little more, here and there, and eventually made it up to the 4th floor where the shop I was dying to visit was, yes tutuHa! I was like rabid to get my hands on that lace top that has been haunting me, showing up in Popteen! And it was so exciting because Morimayu was there, and she took a photo with me! (because I bought something haha)

Me and Morimayu! Any trace of gyaru in me was erased by her awesomeness! haha

I was really sad to see my hair had gone flat and my face was like >;))) because I was starstuck. But I'm just happy to have this photo!

Anyhow in the part 2 of this post I will be posting more of my sneaky shots inside 109! I got pretty gutsy at some points, so please look forward to that!
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