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Argh, I'm so tired today, I had two naps already, I guess its the heat just sucking the life out of me. I can't imagine the poor people in Japan who had to go out and walk around today. I think I'd be one of those who passed out. I've also been eating so much. Since I stopped having meals with my friend I've gotten into the habit of eating sweets alot. Well there is only 5 more days here and then I can be piggy in the US. Ha!

The last time I wrote a travel post, I wrote about the Tokyo Metro Museum in Kasai Edogawa-ku. Do you remember it? It seems so long ago now right? haha! Well I thought today I would share some photos I got in another part of Edogawa-ku, in an area called Nishi-Kasai.

Nishi-Kasai, as seen from the station

After visited the Metro Museum, me and my friend took the train from Kasai station to Nishi-Kasai with the intention of walking to Kasai Rinkai Koen. But along the way there were many interesting to see and photograph, I think they deserve to be mentioned here! It wasn't too long of a walk, but we stopped at a couple shops along the way.

A bakery in Nishi-Kasai station

More of the bread selection

Although rice is much more popular as a carbohydrate in Japan, bread is still considered a good type of snack and there are many bakeries to be found. I always keep my eyes peeled for bakeries, because I love photographing bread! If I can't eat it often, I enjoy collecting photos of bread just as well haha! I snapped these bread pics in Nishi-kasai station, luckily I didn't have to enter or buy anything haha.

One of the places I sometimes stop at when I'm in Nishi-kasai is the Shimamura, which sells cheap clothing. You may know of this shop as its frequently advertised in gyaru magazines. Shimamura indeed sells some cheap gyaru style clothing, and its a good place if you want to bulk up your closet a little bit. I didn't find anything to buy, but these legwear items produced by Tsubasa looked pretty nice^^/

Tsubasa's legwear for Shimamura. The union jack tights should be popular this A/W XD

Located in Nishi-kasai is the Edogawa-ku Baseball Stadium, which is the biggest baseball field in the whole of Edogawa-ku. I'm not really a baseball fan, so I really didn't research about it or anything, but perhaps some important minor league games are played here. Although there was no game going on when I passed by that day, a bit further along in the walk I was able to see some high-schoolers playing a game at their school.

Nishi-Kasai Edogawa-ku Baseball Stadium

Some high-school boys playing baseball

One of the nice things about the walk from the Nishi-kasai station to the Kasai Rinkai Koen is that part of the walk is along a well maintained boulevard. I'm sure the city purposefully made this route attractive to entice more people to visit the park. There are not so many chances to see greenry outside of parks in Japan, so I had a good time walking along surrounded by trees.

The view along the way to Kasai Rinkai Koen

If you get bored along the walk with the trees however, at one point I found some swan boats in a lake that would make a good activity. I never find rental boats like these back in MN (but there must be some, since MN is the land of lakes!) so I'm always curious about trying them, but in the end my money-saving ways win out!

A fun way to pass the time?

Have you ever tried a swan boat?

Well I guess that's it for the photos today. I have lots more from the walk of course, but I can't show them all and eat up bandwidth haha! If you don't think about it, its so easy just to walk along and ignore the surroundings. But once you get into snapping mode, you can't stop finding interesting things to photograph!
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