What I bought in Japan, week 2

I feel like today's post is timely or maybe I should say nostalgic? for today because I spent a good chunk of today packing. So I was able to look over all the items I had purchased in Japan, and I realized I bought a lot of clothing...It's 100% guaranteed that I will have to do a closet cleaning when I get back to MN.

While during past trips to Japan I spent a lot of money on toys and straps, this time I focused almost completely on clothing haha. I bought some accessories and cosmetics, but I think the bulk of my money when to W*C and tutuHA >.>;; I was planning to go and buy more clothing tomorrow, but looking at my bags I wonder if its even possible to fit anymore junk in haha! As it is I have to mail my hats and some papers/fliers back.

Anyway, let me get to the good stuff and show exactly what things are filling up my bags.

Way back on Day 8, when I wore this tutuHA coordinate, I went back to 109 to spend more money. I went with my friend but we separated so I wouldn't have to subject him to another 109 experience. If you know what I mean XD So I did a quick power shop for 1 hour and came out with these items:

W*C I love play shirt

tutuHA border long vest

tutuHA 2 way bag. It's so awesome, my favorite bag now!

The tutuHA chocker. Damn, it's all rusty now...

One night I went to Picasso as usual, and I felt like getting a new style of eyelashes from the selection of slightly cheaper lashes. I picked out this style, and at first I was rather disappointed by them since they are really not dramatic at all. But they have grown on me, because they are perfect for daily wear XD

Don Quijote eyelashes, good for everyday looks

After that I was actually good for several days and saved money by not going any place with fashion shops hehe! But of course my resolve was broken when I went to Harajuku. I always liked Harajuku, and I think it would be one of my favorite places if it just had few million less tourists. Haha XD Well these are the items I got in Harajuku after a lot of window shopping also^^

Stationary and nail polish from the Daiso

W*C polka dot tutu skirt

Ethnic onepiece from Forever21

Awesome print skirt from Forever21

On Day 13 I had a date with Hana, and we met in Shinjuku. The most amazing point of that day was me not getting lost in Shinjuku station, hooray. It was like the last scary point of Tokyo for me haha. I wanted to pick up the mister banana shirt from W*C and we also visited Alta where I left some money in ANAP.

W*C mister banana shirt

Blue military t-shirt from ANAP, spotted by Hana. Dang, she totally gets my taste haha XD

Blue leopard print onepiece from ANAP

Ok, I think that's it for week 2 purchases XP Now that I have finished this post I have accomplished everything I meant to today. What should I do with the rest of my night? Go for a walk to get some of this sudden weight-gain off, or continue to cut up my gyaru mags? haha! When they are so cheap, you don't feel bad taking a scissors to them.
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