Coordinate post - Days 8 & 9 (JT6)

How did it get to be 10:00 pm so quickly? Somehow my day passed by in a flash, I got alot done, but it also seems like I did nothing. How odd :/ I got up and chatted with my mom as usual and checked some things around the internet. I read the September Popteen before lunch and wrote a paper after. Then in the afternoon me and my friend put together some wire shelving. Then a Daiso trip, and here I am.

Well that was my day in an nutshell, but that's not what you are here to hear about. I was wondering if it was too soon to post another coordinate entry, but then I realized my last one was last weekend while I was in Tochigi. Oh, its a bit sad to think that its already been a week, and I am at the halfway point of Japan Trip 6...

Let's go back in time though, back to Day 8!

Day 8 coordinate

Hairflower: tutuHa
Top: tutuHa
Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Vanquish

Day 8 was a day that I only went on a quite shopping trip to 109, and by quick I mean less than 1 hour! Can you imagine getting out of 109 that quick? Well I knew what items I wanted beforehand so I went directly to the stores I needed to. I wanted to wear my tutuHa top as soon as I could, and even a short trip out was excuse enough for me XD

Posing with 109 sign like a nerd!

This a bonus shot, because I think it's so awesome that 109 is connected with the subway. I never have to see the light of day!

I also took some puri kura by myself that day just because I liked the outfit so much haha. The thing that sucked was there was a time limit on the decorating portion, and it was impossible to decorate all the puri alone. Well I have some lovely plain puri of myself now haha!

On Day 9 I went to Akihabara with my friend to meet his friend. This was the friend that we eventually also went to Tochigi with. Our plan for that day was to meet and go early (around 5:00 pm) to an izakaya for snacks and chatting. I was feeling inspired by the items I had purchased the day before, and this is what I came up with:

Day 9 coordinate

Hat: Visalia
Vest: tutuHa
Shirt: W*C
Skirt: Tralala
Belt: Steve Madden

I wanted to try something entirely different with my hair (to give it a break from all the teasing and hairspray) so I tried out making a fake bob for the first time. I thought it came out fine generally, but I think I know how to do it better next time. It so fun to make short hair temporarily! The izakaya we went to was really nice, I can't wait to show the food from there soon^^

After eating at the izakaya we did the normal Japanese thing, as I was told, and went to have drinks at a coffee shop. We chose Starbucks since it was nearby, and I had a houjicha latte. It was none too healthy as it was 80% cream, luckily it was ridiculously small. And because my egotism is high now, one more bonus shot from Starbucks haha!

Oh my bob was starting to fall out
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