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Hello everyone ^^/ I sadly spent a lot of time writing an introduction for this post that got erased because of the emoticon I used. Often times blogger gets confused if you make emoticons with the direction arrows and erases everything between the emoticon and image or link HTML. Sigh. I always try to get away with it and I always get burned!

Well basically I was just blathering on about how I've been so low mood and energy these past three days since I got back from Tochigi. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I just feel so depressed and lazy. The thought of going outside actually made me feel sick. But tomorrow I am meeting Nikora, and on Friday I am seeing Hana again, I am sure that's just what I need to cheer up!!

Heading into Alta

Anyway, no one is hear to listen to my complaints of low moods, haha, we are here for cute Japan right? XD I recently shared cute cat photos, so I thought I'd share some cute shop photos today. 109 is well known as the gyaru shopping mall, but that is not the only place that has a great selection of gyaru stores and clothing. The Alta malls are also meccas of gyaru fashion, and have several locations in Tokyo!

Liz Lisa, Tralala and Liz Lisa doll all in one shop

I posted about the Alta in Ikebukuro's Sunshine City all the way back in February! So it's about time for an update I would say haha. The Alta mall in Sunshine City is located in the lower levels and spans 2 floors. There is a good mix of well known gyaru brands, but there also many non-gyaru shops like Swimmer and casual wear stores.

The Egg Store!
See those fukubukuro in the front...yeah I didn't buy one TT

Cute but scary tall shoes!

Although the Sunshine City Alta does not have as many gyaru heavy hitters like 109, or the Shinjuku Alta have, that can be a good point as well. To me it's much easier to get through a shopping trip to this Alta haha! Since there is a smaller area to go through, it's more friendly to beginning gyaru shoppers I think.

My feet wouldn't fit into these shoes, but actually I didn't even know what size they were XD

And another great point to the Sunshine City Alta is that it is a mall within the greater Sunshine City mall. Which means when you are finished, or tired of shopping in Alta you can head out into the other areas, have a snack and looks at different types of items. This is especially nice in this summer season, since you can just stay in the AC haha!

I would like all of these please...

You can find great accessories at Alta too^^

Writing up this post has made me want to go back to this Alta location! But I'm trying to take it easy on my money since my reserves were not very big. But I need to explore the Shinjuku Alta more first (and get sneaky pics XD). I was able to navigate Shinjuku station last week when I met Hana, so hopefully I can get some research done in Shinjuku soon!

While we are on the subject of clothing, I want to share the link to my coordinate inspiration web gallery! I've just been collecting photos from the web and magazines that inspire me and fit within the style I am trying to achieve. Maybe you can understand my taste when looking at my style gallery?

And if you'd like some more reading material, go and check out these great Gyaru Manifesto Memes! And please fill it out if you have the time^^/
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