Sponsor Review: GEO Hurricane circle lens in violet

This a sponsored review, all opinions expressed in this post are my own honest critiques and I will not report positive opinions based on sponsorship.

I received my first pair of circle lenses  from circle lens shop mukuCHU. They are an online shop that stocks a wide variety of authentic Korean circle lenses, and they ship world wide.

The lenses that I got were GEO Hurricane series in violet, I have always wanted violet lenses because I want to have the most rare eye color with the most rare hair color haha! Yes I am that weird XD Anyhow, the shipping time was very quick, in only about one week my lenses arrived!

How the lenses look in the bottles

The Geo magic color lenses are two tone lenses, that have a 14.0mm diameter. Like most other circle lenses you can use them up to a year, and the water content is 38%. The lenses came with a nice sheet of instructions as well as a lens case so I can store them.

The lenses, with instructions and case

I was happy to receive the instructions as I have never used contact lenses before in my life. But in all seriousness it took me like 30 minutes to get them in, and my friend had to hold my eyes open to do so. However, I tried putting them in again a few days later and it took like 2 minutes, it's very easy to get used to putting them in! ^^/

I think the size difference is obvious

At first I was very shocked at the difference the lens created in my eye. Perhaps you can see that my iris is rather small, the lens really did enlarge my eye alot! I know 14.00mm often doesn't enlarge much for others, but I saw a huge difference for myself XD

The violet on blue actually looks pretty^^

The violet color shows up rather deep and dark over my light color eye, I am assuming that it will be more bright over a dark iris. But it blends really nicely with my natural  shade. I think the overall appearance of the lens looks quite natural, my mom didn't even notice me wearing them the first time haha!

Complete look with makeup!

I wore these lenses for a total of 7+ hours on the first day before I had discomfort, so I think these lenses must be quite comfortable! However when you are first starting to use circle lenses, you should really not be so bold as me and where them a couple of hours.

I really like how these lenses look on me, at first I wasn't happy with how dark they are, since I have always been light eyed. But I really like how they blend, and how much bigger they make my eyes look. I think they are a great violet color too ^^/

Closeup of lenses with makeup. Flash used.

COLOR= 4/5 stars (I wish it was brighter on my light eyes)
ENLARGE = 5/5 stars (It looked quite big on me)
COMFORT = 4/5 stars (I could wear them a long time, but I was a bit aware of them)

If you interested in purchasing these, here is the sales page.

mukuCHU sells lenses for only 23$ a pair, and when you order three pairs you get a pretty lense case (although you do get a basic one with every pair as well!)
They have amazing deals on their clearance page, and right now you can get a free pair of lenses when you refer two of your friends.

So if you've been wanting to try out lenses I think you should check it out now XD I never thought I would like circle lenses so much, I thought they were not a big deal, but now that I've worn them, I really like what they do!
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