Love through the mail

Good afternoon, wow its already the afternoon! Haha. I meant to get up and get my gyaru style makeup done, but then I just ran some errands and now there's no point to it haha. Before I write any more posts, I want to share some kind things I received recently.

Firstly, the prize from the gyaru contest that Devious-sa held a few weeks ago. The quiz contest involved answering some picture questions. Somehow I luckily was able to win, I received this lovely Yumetenbo agejo dress XO

Thank you so much Devious Gals! Your contest was so fun, and your members are so beautiful, stylish and cool! I had a great time playing the quiz haha XD

Also this I received a super sweet love package from Sami, one of my favorite bloggers hehe. She had gotten one of the unicorn charms in her SBY fukubukuro which didn't suit her tastes and she so kindly offered it to me.

I have a very unwieldy plushie animal collection, and I'm always on the look to expand it haha! I really appreciate that Sami sent it without anything in return (even including a shushu!) She is very selfless, as evident in her new giveaway!

She's giving away such great prizes like circle lenses, MAC mascara, W*C brand goods and more. Please go and enter if you haven't already!
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