Photo tour of Kiba and Kiba Koen!

Happy Sunday everyone. Well generally Sunday is not the most happy day of the week because it means the end of the weekend and the start of the work week, but it's still the weekend right? I'm finally going to blog about Japan again, it's an important part of this blog that I have been neglecting.

I originally wanted to blog about Takashimaya's depachika and my local supermarket Yamaichi. But with so many people going without food (even dying of starvation) it would seem crass. They will turn the electricity back on at Fukushima soon, so hopefully food can start reaching Tohoku again...

A creek-side park in Kiba, with murals to brighten it up!

Anyway, I am introducing you to the town of Kiba in Edogawa-ku. I went there last summer with my friend to the employment office, and we just took a bit of a tour around since we were there already. I introduced that earlier.

Chilling by the vending machines

It was becoming matsuri time when I was there XD

Kiba is a regular residential area, having mostly housing but also some shop and restaurants for local life. I mostly saw the area around the employment office and Kiba Koen. While Kiba seemed to a bit run down, it was really full of parks and outdoors living.

Edogawa-ku is the city with the highest concentration of children in all of Tokyo, apparently as my friend keeps telling me haha. So it's a place where you can find a lot of kid-friendly activities. Like Ponyland, Kasai Rinkai Koen, etc. Kiba Koen is just another great place for your family XD

Doesn't it look like a lovely place to relax?

Kiba Koen's main plaza

I toured by a creek-side park and a small pool/waterpark for very tiny kids. But Kiba Koen was very grand, a great big area. It had nice places for walking (or skating though not sure if its allowed) It also had an English flower garden with a small cafe.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of Kiba, and it brightened your day. Japan has many beautiful places!

I can't wait for the flowers to bloom!
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