JT6, Day 3 - A day in Kiba (I saw Sailor Moon)

Argh, this laptop is making me so hot! I guess it's already almost 3 years old so it's beginning to run hot, which does not feel good on the lap during humid summer time haha! I sit on my friends sofa and type every morning and night, so I am making a butt dent and my wrist hurts so much from this position. So I need a break for sure TT But I want to reply to your blogs and comments!

Day 3 lunch: salad, konyakku, and curry pan chicken

Anyway, I'm doing another Day post, I'm sorry I haven't been able to do a travel write up recently. Every night I'm either busy or tired. I will try to switch things up soon so it's not so boring haha. Day 3 was not a particularly busy day. Now that I've been to Tokyo so much I've done many of the touristy things and I just do a little this or that during the day. My goal is just to enjoy being here and take photos for you!

I went to an area called Kiba here in Edogawa-ku (where I live) to visit an employment agency. Well I'm not going to work just yet, but maybe I will. I honestly don't think I have enough money to last the entire 6 weeks haha!

A local Matsuri stage in Kiba

Heading to the agency I spotted a matsuri stage in a small empty lot. So I took photos so you can see what local matsuris are set up like. They will put a taiko drum on the stage and dance around it^^

A lovely mosaic in the park under the highway

I think this might be my first Sailor Moon sighting in Japan. It really made my day!! XD

On the way to the agency we walked in a little park that was situated under a highway pass (or maybe it was train tracks?) It was a really nice park because you could see that many of the features were new, and the stream running along in there was actually clear. I could see the to the bottom! That is really unusual for Japanese water, even my friend was surprised hehe^^

After strolling through that park, we walked a little ways and reached the main park we wanted to go to, Kiba Koen. Kiba Koen is a rather large park, so large in fact that it has it's own bridge to connect to two halves of it. It's a rather large and flat, not flowered, park so it's great for running around. I did spy a playground, which I probably would have played on if I had been in shorts....(yeah I'm cool like that XD)

Kiba Koen's iconic suspension bridge

Somehow the time had passed quickly and it was already getting dark as when came to the end of the park. My feet had gotten open sores from my shoes, so we decided to head home. But first we had to stop at the grocery store for dinner. No free samples that day, but I did see something really appetizing...

Natto pasta sauce anyone? Anyone?

Oh yeah, wouldn't you just love some natto sauce for your spaghetti? XP We did get pasta sauce, but a good tasting kind haha. Mushroom and butter sauce, with only 55 kcal!

Day 3 Dinner: salad, marinated hijiki salad, mushroom sauce pasta, and banana roll cake

Dinner was a bit unhealthy with the pasta, but I was evil and didn't eat it all. Instead I forced it on my friend and made him sick from over-eating. It must suck having to put up with a pushy dieter...

I'm going to do a "gets" post of all the various things I've bought in japan so far. It's really scary how fast the money goes, I haven't even bought clothes yet XO
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