Shinozaki Pony Land

Hello again, I'm writing again! Being that I'm back in MN and have nothing besides school taking my time at the current moment, there is really no excuse for me to not write everyday as usual. I can't seem to shake the crappy feelings about myself, but I did some DDR today and it helped lift my mood alot. Exercise is what I'm missing in my life, but dang if I don't hate it so much.

But not all activities have to be boring, there are many fun things you can do outdoors to lift your mood and get some exercise in. I don't know how many calories you are going to burn horse-back riding, but the walk to Shinozaki Pony Land in Edogawa-ku should be enough to get the endorphines going. Haha!

Pony Land's entrance gate

Today I want to writ about another great, and free, place to visit in Edogawa-ku where I live in Tokyo. Edogawa-ku is the prefecture with the highest population of children in all of Tokyo, so my friend tells me, which may be the reason why you can find so many family-friendly and low cost activities to do there. Please see my posts on Kasai Rinkai Koen, Tokyo Metro Museum and Tokyo Sea Life Park for more great places to visit in Edogawa-ku.

Pony Land park

Pony Land is an unique activity in that it's very interactive, well for children that is haha! I went to visit Pony Land simply because it was nearby and it sounded cute. We rode the Shinjuku like to Shinozakicho station and then had a bit of a long walk to reach Pony Land which is located on the banks of a river. It's a bit out of the way, so you might have to ask some locals for help to get there.

When I arrived at Pony Land, and looked over it from the high point of the river embankment, I felt a bit disappointed at it's small size and lack of facilities. But it's important to remember this park is entirely free!

Loading up the next rider

A boy riding the pony named Chaco

There is really only one thing to do, and that's to ride the ponies. Only children under the age of 12 are allowed to ride the ponies, so I don't recommend going to Pony Land unless you have children in stow. The park consists of a asphalt area with some benches under and awning, the horse track and the ponies stalls.

Chaco's closeup! I'm no expert but the bit looks tight

Although I couldn't ride the ponies without squashing them haha, I had just as much fun taking photos of them- they are very cute! But since it was such a hot day with the sun baking the black asphalt I didn't feel like staying very long. I felt bad for the ponies and trainers though, it must have been so tiring walking in circles over and over again!

If you happen to be in or live in Edogawa-ku, this is a great place to bring your kids for a fun and free afternoon. But if you are far from the neighborhood, I don't think I would recommend making the trek unless your kids are really into horses. I know I would have bugged my mom to bring me here if was near my childhood home haha!

This girl gives her approval of Pony Land! XD

Access Info:
3-12-17 Shinozakimachi Edogawa-ku Tokyo Tel: 03-3678-7520
Hours: 10:00 to 11:30 and 13:30 to 15:00, closed mondays
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