Romantic rock style T-shirt remakes

I hope you didn't think I was just going to leave you with a crappy sales post today? haha! Although this post also revolves around clothing, I hope it will be fun and interesting to look at! Today I started editing some more of my Japan Trip 6 photos, and I felt quite nostalgic and I missed my friends. I will have lots more nice Japan posts coming up soon, but in the mean time enjoy some fashion type posts hehe^^

I mentioned briefly before that I had had some t-shirt remakes that I was planning to show off when I finished them up. I become inspired to do remake/modifications/whatever you want to call it haha to these t-shirts because one of my goals is to buy only interesting and easy to coordinate clothing items.

Also, Mitsu inspired me with her great Gyaru remake post a couple of weeks ago. Although I'm not non-lazy enough right now to attempt a dress, the idea of taking something and making it your own OOAK piece is so fun! You can also check out this episode of Tokyo Kawaii TV about recycle and remake clothing on Kirin's site!

T-shirt 1, before

Anyhow, Let's get on to the remake! This shirt above is one of the two t-shirts I remade, it was purchased at Target on sale for 8$. I was attracted to the colors of white, black and red. I know the graphic is a bit cliche, but overall I think its very nice and rock! With a bit of modification though, it went from cliche to unique I think!

T-shirt 1, after!

This is the shot of it after the remake, can you spot all the changes? XD My number one inspiration for these shirts was "open back like tutuHA". Many of tutuHA's t-shirts feature an open back, and I personally think it adds a lot of interest. So I cut out the back, added a ribbon to hold it shut and some studs for detail. I also added iron-on rhinestones and studs to the front!

Iron-on skull rhinestones closeup

T-shirt 1, back details

I really liked how the iron-on rhinestone skull turned out. It's sparkly, and was so easy to put on! You can get these at Micheals for 1.99$ and it instantly spices up clothing!

T-shirt 2, before

The second shirt I remade was this green skull print t-shirt, also from Target and on sale for 8$. There is really nothing special about the print, it's just a black skull print, but the green color of the fabric really made it stand out to me.

T-shirt 2, after!

This is the after! In addition to the open back theme, I wanted to include spangle fabric, another thing tutuHA makes use of often! XD So I used spangle fabric to make a bow to close the back (which I cut really deep haha oops) and I also ran it along the bottom. To make the design more interesting I added black sparkly fabric to the eyes and cross bone.

Added black fabric and studs

T-shirt 2, back details

The black fabric was raided from my mom's costuming fabric stash, it worked out so well! It was just attached with fabric glue. And then I added studs to the eyes to make them look shiny haha, plus some more studs along the bottom. But my favorite part is still the green spangle material. I want to add spangle material to everything!

I have plans to remake two more t-shirts, so I hope you will look forward to seeing those soon too^^ I also want to give my mom a thanks here, since I kinda just pushed her into doing the spangle fabric sewing for me. She was making theatrical costumes before I was born, so her skills far surpass mine haha! I really am thankful I can do these kind of projects with her^^
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