Takoyaki, octopus donuts?

I am being so good and posting again even though I feel very much just like sitting around and not using my brain haha. So I decided to pick a topic that I wouldn't have to write too much about! XD Aren't I so sneaky? Tonight is a school night so I will use that as an excuse to be more pithy today. I know I was not consistent through August, so I want to thank everyone who stuck with me through it!

Maybe you are wondering about the post title. Yes I am going to show some pictures and talk about takoyaki today, but where did that octopus donuts thing come from?? Haha! Actually this is how takoyaki was described on one of my favorite travel show hosts Samatha Brown XD

A takoyaki shop in Asakusa

While takoyaki do contain octopus and are made of dough, they are not deep fried like donuts. Takoyaki are made of a batter that is mixed with small chucks of octopus that is then deposited into a special griddle to cook them into a perfect spherical shape. After they finish cooking toppings of sauce, katsuobushi fish shavings, Aonori green lavendar, and mayonnaise.

Cooking takoyaki in the special griddle with picks

Takoyaki are a treat that is well loved by Japanese people, and is known as a regional delicacy of Osaka. I think they taste pretty good, and I think if I allowed myself to eat them more often they might actually become one of my favorite foods haha! They are certainly not to everyone's liking however, as sometimes you get a bit chewy bite of octopus haha.

Adding Katsuobushi

These particular takoyaki were purchased at a stand near the Asakusa Sensoji temple. The price was not too bad for being near a major tourist site, at 500 yen for 8 pieces. The nice thing for me was the vendors didn't apply the mayo, so I could eat the takoyako without it just how I like haha!

The delicious finished takoyaki

And you can apply your own mayo haha

I guess the main point of this post is just to make you hungry with the food pictures XD Have you ever tried takoyaki, or does the octopus part make you a bit uneasy?
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