What I bought in Japan, week 3

Good morning, it's Saturday morning here in MN and I haven't even had breakfast yet haha! Today I have to go shopping with my mom's mom so I don't think I will have another chance to blog today unless I do it now XO I know that the what I bought/gets type of posts don't offer much information, but I hope that the pictures can at least be interesting a little haha.

I noticed that I don't have many photos after a certain point during my Japan Trip 6, and I haven't edited the last couple of weeks worth of photos. So there won't be so much to look at later on. I think I just got bored of photographing things. It will be good to have this break while school is happening XP

Necklace from Claire's

Necklace from Claire's

Stud bracelet/choker from Claire's

Anyhow, week 3 began with a trip to Tochigi prefecture as I mentioned before. Although I was spending a lot of time in nature, shrines and a rental car I did manage to buy some stuff because we went to an outlet mall. I was not impressed because most of the shops were not really cheaper than normal stores, but I did pick up a few things at Claire's and the LDS outlet.

One of my most favorite hats! from LDS

The nice thing about the Claire's items were they were discounted to 80% off, so I spent only like 600 yen for the four items haha! But the 80% off was not limited to that particular Claire's, when I went to Harajuku later on Day 20 I bought more discounted items at the Claire's on Takeshita haha!

Another necklace from Claire's

Cute star earrings from Claire's

I also had been wanting a fashion watch ever since I first saw the cute tutuHA watches, but I was too poor to be able to afford a 4095 yen watch haha! So I ended up with this orange watch I found in LaForet. I like the clear plastic.

My orange watch, yes I know it's upside down...

I'm not sure how interesting stationary/100 yen shop items are, but I really want to show off this origami paper I got because I think it's so pretty! It's pearlized, and you don't see too many pearlized things anymore. It was 100 yen for 5 sheets in each pack.

Pearlized origami paper!

And now for the last few items that will hopefully be the most interesting and fun to look at! I decided that I wanted to have a phone in Japan since I was meeting people and taking purikuri often. There were times when I need to contact people outside, but couldn't because my phone would only call other American phones. So I went to get a phone at Donki. But on the way there I stopped at the Shinjuku W*C and got the green Ugly cap!

W*C green ugly cap!

I wish I would have bought the black one back in May when I last saw it, but oh well, I will make due with just the yellow and green ones haha! Anyhow, me and my friend walked on to Shin Okubo and purchased my pay-as-you-go phone at the Donki there. It is such a bizarre Donki! But I can talk about that later maybe haha!

My Japanese cell phone, from Softbank haha!

Anyway, I picked out the more expensive phone and got the pink color! It was so fun to finally have a Japanese phone. That clamshell kind of shape has not been popular in America since the RAZR I think, and it's so different from my American phone which is a touch screen type. The best part for me though, was adding girly girly straps.

Now I will show comparison photos to my American phone so you can see the differences. My American phone is shaped as what's popular in America, so I think they are good examples. Well I'd better get ready to go now, I hope you have a great day! XD

My Japanese and American cellphones. I like how one is girly and one is manly!

My Japanese and American cellphones, open
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