Coordinate post - Days 13,19, 20 (JT6)

Hey there friends! Yesterday didn't get an update (did anyone notice?) haha, because I had another day out of the house and then I did some clothing re-make! I'm really excited about how the clothing items turned out, so I'm looking forward to showing them soon. But in the mean time, I need to do some more coordinate posts so I can catch up. I actually have coordinates from the US, so there's a lot to write about XO

So all the way back on Day 13 of my recent Japan Trip this summer, I met up with Hana and we had a girl's day in Shinjuku. It was the first time for me to navigate the emense Shinjuku Station by myself, and I didn't get lost so I was very excited about that fact haha! I decided to try a mode gyaru coordinate.

Hairbow: LDS
Shirt: no brand
Skirt: F21
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Bag: tutuHA

I loved that necklace I was wearing with this coordinate, and I think it can spice up alot of coordinates. But the weirdest thing happened - it just like exploded off me while I was walking one day. Oh well TT

I'm skipping over the days I was out on my road trip through Tochigi prefecture, because my outfits were really the type more comfortable rather than fashionable hehe. So moving on, Day 19 was spent in Harajuku with the very lovely Nicola! It was a terrible rainy day, so my hair got blown out instantly. Luckily I got a snap before that though.

Cap: no brand
Shirt: H&M
Onepiece: ANAP
Skirt: W*C
Belt: Steve Madden

One fun thing about that day was me and Nicola got our pics taken for street snaps. I guess our outfits were stylin' haha!

On Day 20 I went to hang with Hana again! We hung out in Harajuku and found a nice cafe to chat the afternoon away. This outfit looks like the opposite of Day 13 doesn't it? Haha. But I have a lot of fun wearing both type of styles. However I think Day 19 is my favorite style XD

Hairpiece: H&M
Shirt: Vanquish
Skirt: F21

Well I hope having 3 days of coordinates in one post was not too much at once. I think it might be a good idea to put more into one post just to get things written up in a more timely manner. So that will be the format from now on. Well I guess I should get off the internet and finish those shirt re-makes I was working on haha!
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