Boy's day (Kodomo no hi) in Kasai Rinkai Koen

I just woke up from a nap, I guess I am still trying to catch up on my sleep. Even now I feel like going back to sleep, maybe I should? haha. I have class tonight, so I have to pretend to be awake during it atleast. My class is from 18:00 to 21:30, and I just realized most schools don't have class like this but I don't mind getting it all done in one night. I just wish I could do it online though... haha!

Now that I am home and just going to class I have lots of time to get back into blogging everyday. Which means I will be writing about the things I did in May, and reliving my memories. I've been able to experience many holidays in Japan during my various travels, and during May I was able to experience the Boy's day holiday. I mean, I saw decorations. I didn't do anything for it haha!

Many people enjoying the May weather in Kasai Rinkai Koen

Boy's day, or as it's properly known - こどもの日 Kodomo no hi, is held on May 5th and is meant to celebrate the happiness of all children and to express gratitude toward mothers. It was originally known as Tango no sekku, and the day marks the beginning of the rainy season. It was meant for boys only, but when the Japanese government changed the name in 1948, they extended the festivities to both genders.

A sea of Koi no bori to walk under

And a sea of wild flowers to enjoy

However, with Hina matsuri on March 3rd celebrating girls, during Kodomo no hi people still primarily celebrate boys. The main activities for Kodomo no hi include flying carp banners (Koi no bori) to represent the members of the family, and the sweets kawashi-mochi and chimaki are served.

While I was in Japan in May, I was able to see many of the carp banners. Around people's individual residences, but also in public places like Kasai Rinkai Koen. While the carps represent the number of people in the family that display them, they also have the meaning of strength and perseverance. So everyone can find meaning in them, and they just look cute anyway! haha^^/

The beach at Kasai Rinkai Koen

Kasai Rinkai Koen was displaying carp banners when I visited it in May, it added an extra touch of festive spirit for sure. The park is lovely on it's own, but adding brightly colored decorations such as koi no bori make it seem extra special. I enjoyed seeing the park in new way.

Some more koi no bori

A lovely May sunset

I feel especially nostalgic writing about Kasai Rinkai Koen right now, because it was one of the last places I visited before coming back to MN this week. I guess it's become one of the locations in Tokyo that I have special feelings/memories of. That's why I enjoy writing about it particularly. The first time I went there it was January and I was wearing a winter jacket, and the next time I see it, it will be winter again haha!
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