I did it again, shopping that is

Hello again finally huh? haha. Sorry for the late update, but I've been so busy and tired since I've gotten back from Japan. I landed in Toronto and spent a bunch of money on taxis, but I was just too drained to write anything. And then the next day I finally got to go home to MN, but I immediately headed over to the MoA from the airport and did some shopping (thus the post title).

The flight from Toronto to Minneapolis is only about 1. 45 hours, and I had been able to sleep between my flights, so me and my mom decided to go to the Mall of America before driving home. It was a good plan actually because the MoA is right next to the airport, and then we wouldn't have to sit in rush hour traffic.

This is what I wore on the flight

Hat: Tralala
Top: W*C
Skirt: CRYX
Leggings: Uniqlo

Maybe it's proof that I am becoming too obsessed with fashion that the first thing I do after a 12 hour international flight, 18 hour layover and a 2nd flight is to go shopping haha! But somebody has to be obsessed with fashion haha. So I headed to H&M and got me some retail therapy hehe^^ This is what I picked out:

Black military t-shirt

Oversized vertical stripe cardigan

Colorful leopard print tanktop

Oversized beaded necklace and ribbon cuff bracelet

I tried to really be picky about what I chose, I mean I wanted to pick things that would fit into a romantic or pop rock gyaru wardrobe. When I saw the vertical stripe cardi, I launched myself at it! It's too awesome, and if I may be presumptuous, it looks like something Kanako would wear!

Actually before H&M we stopped at the best store in MoA now - Betsey Johnson! XD It just opened in April, so this was my first time visiting it. I was so excited to have a Betsey store nearby because it's my favorite American brand. Betsey just makes such interesting items.

Anyway, the shop staff girl didn't even bother to greet us even though we ended up being the only people who bought anything. Everyone else just walked back out after 30 seconds (did I mention most Minnesotans are fashion impaired? haha) But we ignored the poor service and had a mini fashion show haha, I mean I tried on like six dresses.

Those two dresses were my favorites! The first one is sooo cool and 3D, but I would honestly never ever have a reason to wear it and it itched like crazy! And the second was beautiful in every way, can't you just imagine it in a rock coordinate? But the price tag was frightening (298$ for a bare dress??) So I picked out something amazing but affordable - this spangle skull onepiece!

Betsey Johnson spangle skull pattern onepiece!

I went right for this when I walked in, and I'm so lucky I could fit the small size since it was the only one they had. It's so beautiful, it's my prized possession! ^^/ Now I have 2 Betsey dresses. Well after that we headed back home and I went to bed early.

It's extremely bizarre, but I don't feel like I was in Japan for 6 weeks at all. I don't feel like I ever left MN, it just feels like 6 weeks of my life disappeared! XO I also really regret not going back to tutuHA one last time. (They have no webshop, how can I get anything from them now?? TT) And tonight's my first night of autumn classes, sad!, so I'd better get ready....
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