Disneyland tickets arrived, excitement!

Good morning everyone! Well who knows where it's morning right now haha! Well I haven't announced it yet, but I did add a countdown last week - that's right, I'm going to Disneyland in California!

EDIT - On May 5, 6 and 7

Disneyland ticket package

I'm really excited about this trip for multiple reasons, the most obvious being its so fun to go to Disney parks. But I'm also really happy because our trip to Disneyworld this past December was a bit ruined by my crappy attitude and I have a chance to make up for it #TT#

Closeup of the free luggage tag

So this week the tickets arrived, it was so nice because the ticket itself is plastic like a credit card. They also included coupons, info etc. My favorite things are those luggage tags tho,  yay Ariel!

Disney really knows how to make its guests feel special^^

Who's coming with me to Disneyland - Duffy of course! Carrying around a Duffy is really fun when you're at a Disney park, and when you meet Mickey he'll be sure to hug your Duffy haha!

My collection of Duffy bears

So I got into the Disney mood and decided to take some photos with my Duffy since I haven't ever shown him before. I have the standard size, a smaller one with a Disneyworld hoodie, the keychain one and the hip pouch one.

This is Duffy's UK outfit, from Epcot Center

I can't wait to get away from Minnesota, I have been so depressed this semester at school and I feel I need a change. I also hope I can meet up with some DIAMOND gals, and my ex-bf^^
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