April is a month of giveaways!

Well I didn't make a giveaway this month, rather I made a contest XD but I am talking about some great giveaways that my dear friends are doing. I want to support their blogs, and they are giving away such nice things, please check their blogs!!

Woxje @ Blogspot's Sweet vs Rock giveaway
Until April 24th
A giveaway with two sets of beautiful prizes! The prizes are both so gyaru but one is sweet and one is rock!

bang bang she shoot's Thank You Giveaway
Until May 1st
This giveaway features wonderful beauty goods, such as many facial masks, but there's also some cute things included too XD

Coco the Choco's First Giveaway
Until April 30th
Coco's giveaway features items that are really cute and useful to the gyaru style. You can't be without nails and eyelashes!

nekoblog's First Giveaway!
Until May 12th
If cute goods are more your interest then this is the giveaway for you! Many adorable things to brighten your day!

Even if you don't feel like entering the giveaway, please just check out the blogs because they are some of my favorites^^/ I'll have another post up later!
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