MLD's Spring Nail Art Contest!

Thank you to everyone who has put up with my sporadic posting this week, I haven't been pushing myself to post much, but it's really because I was preparing for this contest which I am so excited to announce.

Some people may have noticed that I asked for opinions about the content of my next giveaway and Eden so smartly came up with the idea of a Nail Art Contest!

I officially announce the 
Spring Nail Art Contest!

This is a contest with one grand prize in which the entrants must design a set of nails based around the theme of "Spring"

My sample of Spring Nail Art! Entries can be OTT or simple like this


# You must submit one clear photo of your nail art (one or both hands) which must not include your face.

# Nails must be made by you! (not made by your family, friends, professionals etc)

# Nails can be your natural nails or nail chips (acrylics and gels are accepted, but probably are more work than the prize is worth haha)

# Pre-made elements are allowed, but must include hand-made paint designs

# The nail art must adhere to the "spring" theme by including two specific elements:
Please use one of the following colors:
Pastels (blue, pink, peach, yellow)
Natural colors (Sky blue, grass green, brown, tan, bright yellow)
And please use one of the following spring symbols:
Animals, insects, flowers, rain, sunshine
Or holidays:
Earth Day, Arbor Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo etc

This rule about the necessary theme elements is in place so the submitted nails can be judged in an objective manner. Nails not including one of the theme colors and elements will not be accepted.


1 one small case
1 Nicole by O.P.I polish in Sea How Far You Go (Target exclusive color)
2 Sinful Colors polishes in Pinky Glitter and Hottie
1 3D Line seal
1 set of flower seals
1 set of hot pink heart pieces
1 Dolly Wink nail collection tutorial booklet
1 Ribbon ring
Misc. jewels and heart pieces


# Submission accepted until MAY 1

# Submit your nail art to me by link! (send link to my email:
Please upload your nail art to your blog, journal, tumblr, twitter etc then send the link (this is to limit the submission to one per person)

# Please use a gif or jpeg no larger than 600 x 600 pixels

# Photos will be added to the contest tumblr here


# Nails will be judged by me and 4 people who I have selected as trustworthy and competent judges. We will decide a winner by consensus.

# Nails will be judged on adherence to and creativity within the Spring theme

# Consideration to technical skill will be secondary, though nails will be judged on cleanliness (finished, complete design, effort)

# Winner will be announced MAY 10!

So please take some time within this next month to make some spring-y nails and submit them to the contest! If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them as a comment on this post.

No extra entries will be given for promoting this contest, but if you'd like to promote your nail art in this contest please use the below image.

The point of this contest is just for fun and interaction. It is not meant to point out anyone as "better" or stress anyone out trying to be best.
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