In the summer mood? A local matsuri!

What is one of the main things you think of when you imagine Japanese summer? Cicada, oppressive humidity, watermelon? Yes all these things and matsuri too right?? XD It's one of the really great experiences in Japan, and you have to try it for sure^^

I have been to big matsuri, matsuri at shrines, and country-side matsuri, but this time I want to write about a really small and local matsuri I went to near my place in Ichinoe.

My friend had seen an advert about a matsuri that would be held locally, I think somewhere in the neighborhood, and then he asked me if it's something I would be interested in.

Honestly I was a bit unsure at first if I should go or not, because I know that the biggest thing at matsuri are the food stalls and festival foods. Its hard putting yourself in the way of temptation right? haha!

These are all the stalls

But I said yes, and I am glad I did because there's no way I can have this sort of experience anywhere else! And it was so local, if it wasn't for my friend I would not have know about it at all, I am so luckly to have him always entertaining me #^^#

A takoyaki snack!

At the matsuri there was a stand for the drummers around which dancers would circle, which is traditional. Though there weren't many dancers (because there weren't many people in general) and they were older, they were dedicated and so nice to watch!

There was food of course, usual things but a very small selection of two stalls. My friend got takoyaki which he deemed only so-so, but being in a matsuri makes it better XD

Those toys stalls that parents probably wish weren't around XD

They had a couple games for kids and light-up toys, but overall there was not very much to do. I basically just hung around being the only white person and stereotypically taking a bunch of pics haha.

I am really looking forward to going to some more matsuri this summer, but this time I will bring my yukata!
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