April magazine PICKS + gets img hvy

Thank you everyone who commented on my last post about DisneyWorld, I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. I might have a chance to get some more Disney picks very soon ^_~ But here is another post full of pics to oggle at, though of a completely different subject matter.

I'm just going to dump all my magazine picks for the month here (minus Popteen since I already posted that). These pics have a new type of layout that's more full but hopefully less clumsy looking hehe.






Overall I thought the magazines had tons of great coordinates this month! Nuts got the most picks and I was actually able to find some stuff to like in Ranzuki haha. There's lots to take in at once, sorry XD

And since I don't want to make a separate post for these, but still want to mention them, here are my new gets.

She kindly included some sweets, which disappeared quite quickly somehow...

I won a giveaway from Blair who was hosting a giveaway for Lime Crime lipstick, I had always wanted one and I was so humbled I was able to win. I had a stroke of luck for a bit there, but it seemed to dry up now XD

And here's some more clothes. From F21, just some basic things for summer. If youre on my FB you know I think I'm saturated with clothes now ...
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