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Yay two post in one day, look at me go XP Well by now I'm sure everyone has forgotten, but I went to Disney World during December 2010 for a week long family vacation.

Our second day at Walt Disney World we decided to go to the Hollywood Studios theme park, which used to be called Disney MGM Studios. The day we went was so bright and sunny, but it was amazingly terribly cold!

Much of Hollywood Studios has this kind of 50s styling

I didn't pack appropriately for the weather so the first thing we had to do was buy me a super overpriced fleece jacket. Everyone was doing the same haha! After that we headed to a stage to watch the Beauty and the Beast musical show^^

A great musical show

In the end they are happy of course!

It was a quick condensed version of the movie, but I was really impressed by how much the girl sounded like the movie voice. It was like the same person singing after all these years XO I think this was one of my favorite things of the day.

Next we headed to the Tower of Terror, my mom is really afraid of heights so she was really nervous. But in the end she really liked it and we even went on it twice haha!

Tower of Terror interior decorations

There is an area of Hollywood Studios devoted to the history of this park as an actual working animation studio. I saw another show about The Little Mermaid, which was nice but a bunch of annoying people around.

Then we saw some cute show about animation, toured a room filled with the (then) new Tangled production art and some artists painting away for us to gawk at XD

I also got to see Mickey there. I took a pic with him, but I don't wanna show that XD

We exited that area just in time to see part of the parade. It was cute and fun but sadly we didn't get to see the whole thing. Then we just continued watching shows and going on rides.

We spent an ungodly amount of time for that Toy Story shooting ride, my god, it was like 2 hours. It was fun but sooo not worth it TT

Then we got to see the Osborne family Holiday lights show, which my mom was really looking forward to. The lights were really pretty, but I remember being really tired and crabby. Basically I ruined the whole vacation with my bad attitude...

Mickey meets Santa XD

The symbol of the Hollywood Studios, so love this shot!

Wow sooo many pics XD Of course you can see more in my Picasa Album
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