One 7 Ways renewal! 12th ed voting

Hmm, today feels so emotionally charged. I feel guilt and stress over an old relationship, I feel longing and anticipation for my upcoming reunion with my friend in Japan. When I thought of being in Japan in just 18 days I started crying. I guess there is just a lot to do and sort through.

And one of the things I want to do is start One 7 Ways again!

I feel I am missing this creative outlet, and while it's fun I feel it helps me improve my fashion eye which is very amateurish XD So I hope everyone will support and enjoy the renewal of One 7 Ways.

12th Ed Voting Items

A. Oversize beige sweater
B. Floral tiered tank
C. Printed skirt

I chose new items for the 12th edition (which was voted on so long ago but abandoned) I think that's best for a renewal. I want to use these items but have not yet, I hope one will catch your vote!

Please take a quick moment to vote in the poll below, and which ever items receives the most votes will be the item I coordinate next week. Make sure to cast your vote for your favorite items so it can make it to the coordinating round, every vote counts XD

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