Pink Latte - cute shop on Takeshita-dori!

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The exterior view of Pink Latte

I've written about a couple shops I like in the past such as Picasso, Jam Pixy and Kiddyland. And today I would like to introduce another shop selling cute things - Pink Latte!

Pink Latte is a chain of shops with locations all over Japan (So you likely be able to find one near you!) that sells a variety of cute accessories, cosmetics and clothing!

Pink Latte mascot toys and pouches

I am writing about the Pink Latte that is located right on Takeshita Dori in a small shopping arcade called SoLaDo. You will notice it by its all glass exterior with a Claire's right next to it inside! I have not see the other Pink Latte's so perhaps this is the most visible branch?

More Pink Latte phone straps

Pink Latte sells clothing, and what I have seen it appears to be gears to preteens. Though I have not really spent any time looking at it closely, haha, because it does not suit me.

But Pink Latte sells some things that will interest ladies of all ages! Including false eyelashes, nail polish, pouches, charms and more^^

False eyelashes and glue being sold at Pink Latte

Lots of cute pouches

The most interesting part of Pink Latte is the large pink airplane located in the middle of the shop! You can enter the airplane actually and inside is all hair accessories, enough to last a life time haha!

A wall of hair accessories!

When I saw the hair accessories I knew I was way above the age curve of Pink Latte haha! They were they type of things girls age 10-14 would wear hehe! So cute though XD

Besides what was in the photos you can find much more! Clothing, makeup and charms as I mentioned but also some stationary and things useful for school or such. If you love cute things or have a younger sister or daughter to shop for, this is a great place to stop!

Tokyo, Shibuya-ku Jingumae 1-8-2 SoLaDo Harajuku 1F
TEL :03-5775-6627

And here's a pic of the Claire's next to Pink Latte in SoLaDo, just because I have it haha!

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