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Hello again everyone, I hope you had a great start to the weekend this Friday. I'm sure reading Rebecca's interview made it even better XD I think I'd be enjoying the weekend more if I didn't have 2 stupid essays hanging over my head. I've been putting off computer related activity recently since its so hot to use the laptop. I want to reply to everyone's comments but at this moment, I'm not sure when I can.

Lots of hair dyes to choose from in Picasso

Speaking of homework, on Day 4 I spent the day doing homework. I mean it didn't take the entire day, but I am not the type who can focus on one thing a long time. So after I finish one assignment, I need a break before I can proceed to the next. Anyhow the whole day passed and I hadn't done anything interesting. That's why I can't write a "Day" post for it haha.

Rilakkuma condoms, for if you a little more cute in the bedroom...

This tiny monitor was displaying a Schick x One Piece collab commercial
Too bad I didn't get the shot of Luffy brandishing a shaving razor haha!

Luckily before heading off to bed I managed to make a stop at Picasso! I have mentioned Picasso previously, but I will give a recap. Picasso is my local Don Quijote (Donki), it is much smaller than usual Donki and has only one floor. However it is in walking distances and carries all the beauty products I need. Plus snacks! XD

Although Picasso may be smaller than regular, it still has so many interesting, funny and useful items to buy. Shopping at Picasso at late night is one of my favorite ways to finish the day. I love looking at all the things, but also good for people watching. It's kinda like the Walmart of Japan if you get what I mean...haha!

Ageha produced legwear

I was tempted by these, but I'm not paying even that price for them haha

I like to buy my Balance Up nutrition bars, breads and drinks here since they are usually about 20+ yen cheaper. It doesn't sound like much but if you are buying 3 nutrition bars for 98 yen each, rather than 128 yen you are saving almost enough to buy a 4th bar haha!

Some Jun Komori room wear

I think that photos of interesting products in Japan are fun for people to look at, especially items that really "In Japan" only sorts of things. And I love collecting photos like that for Moments like Diamonds. My question is: What kind of products do you want to see photos of? (food, clothing, beauty, interior, cleaning etc)
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