Coordinate post - Days 4 & 5 (JT6)

Hey everyone, I hope the weekend is going well for you and you're out having some fun. So far I've been spending more time indoors than out, but it's ok since there's not so much left for me to do in Tokyo besides shop and meet people (which is the best thing to do!). Well I can only shop so much with limited funds, so that's not a daily activity at all! haha.

I want to thank everyone who commented on yesterday's post with your photo requests. There were some really great suggestions including food (a popular choice), beauty goods, stationary and even architecture. I have already begun collecting photos, and it gives me a good reason to get out haha. I think everyone will enjoy the next few posts I have coming up photo-wise XD

Well today is just another coordinate post, I always feel so nervous when I post these because I don't think I look as polished as I would like to be. And I mean putting yourself out there on the net is always a risk. But I hope everyone will enjoy my coordinates ^^/

Day 4 coordinate. Thank you flash for making me look greasy...

Jacket: Forever21
Dress: Kohls
Necklace: Catherine's
Shoes: Nine West

This kind of outfit is not really my style I think, but it's really easy to put together. I was just going out at night for a quick trip to Picasso, but I still wanted to wear something nice. It was night time, so I was able to wear the jean jacket. I wouldn't dream of it during the day haha!

I like this eyeliner, but not the details of my face XD

I was quite satisfied with how I did my eyeliner/eye makeup on Day 4. It came out as I was hoping, so I decided to take a photo of it. This is before mascara obviously, but I was proud of my wings haha! I think it's fairly dramatic.

Well you had a preview of Day 5's coordinate already haha. I guess I was feeling the maxi dresses on those days, but the overall look of Day 4 and 5 are so different. Day 5 to me is much more my taste, and I felt really happy to be wearing it.

Day 5 coordinate

Hat: W*C
Shirt: No brand
Dress: Walmart

I was also wearing a really awesome huge necklace, but you can't really see it past my big hair haha. I also really liked my eye makeup that day because I used both top and bottom false eyelashes. It makes such a huge difference! Eyelashes really take you from regular girl to gyaru girl. I am going to buy more bottom falsies during my next Picasso run XD

From bland to BAM! haha XP I'm wearing Eyemazing 001

I wasn't wearing the bottom eyelashes yet in that photo, but I think the top eyelash is enough to illustrate the difference. Wearing falsies can be a pain, but its really nessecary imo ^^/

Peace from Sara Mari, with too long of bangs and face XD

Here's a bonus shot of myself, while me and Rebecca were eating in Mos Burger. Sad to say my hair was a bit flat, but I was smart that day and brought a brush with me. My hair was such a ratty mess at the end of the day XD haha!

And please check out Naka's blog, she is so sweet! And she recently did a drawing of my in my Day 1 coordinate, it's so cute!
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