Walking the streets of Ikebukuro

Well first I need to apologize for this posting ahead of time, sorry to anyone who came to the link only to see a blank page ><;; Sometimes my touch pad gets oversensitive and clicks things that I don't want to be clicked DX I guess there's nothing to be done for that though. Anyway, I thought it would be nice if I did another travel writeup, I think people are getting bored of my Day posts.

One place in Tokyo that I really enjoy visiting is Ikebukuro for some reason. I mean I don't know it well, there doesn't seem to be that much to do compared with other areas but I have the strange draw to go there sometimes. I guess it must be the shopping, especially Sunshine City, I like shopping there, especially in Alta. I've been too shy to shop in the past, but this trip I will try harder!

View down Sunshine City Dori

Ikebukuro is located in the Toshima ward, and is known as an entertainment area. There is a variety of places to visit such as karaoke bars, soaplands, maid cafes, cat cafes, and especially department stores.

School girls in Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro is divided in half, having west and east sides, but the train station at the center of the city. On the east side you can find the Tobu deparment store, and on the West side you will find Seibu. Both of these stores own railways running into the station, at one time I think those two companies were competing to take over Ikebukuro haha.

The east side is where you will find Sunshine City, by exiting the "East Exit" in Ikebukuro station and following the Sunshine City Dori. Sunshine City Dori is a long pedestrian walkway that leads up to it's namesake (although the far end of it kinda seems confusing to me) Along Sunshine City Dori there are many shops to look at including a Sanrio Gift Gate and Tokyu Hands.

The Sanrio Gift Gate in Ikebukuro

You can also spend time in a game center

Ikebukuro also features some otaku culture, and I was able to see a couple maids the last time I was there haha. The Otome Road is located in Ikebukuro and is like a mecca for female otaku. Its only a 200 long meter street east of Sunshine City, but many anime goods geared towards women can be found there. (So less tentacle sex figures than Akihabara XP)

Maids in Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro station does not have any good spots for meeting up with people like other stations but the symbol of Ikebukuro, the Ikefukurō-zō, is sometimes used for that purpose. It is a tiny statue of an owl, and you more than likely miss it if you aren't on the outlook for it haha!

More school girls haha

I haven't really explored Ikebukuro beyond the Sunshine City area (although that has everything I need anyway haha) so I think sometime in the future I should be a bit more adventurous! I also have never visited Namja Town (food amusement park in Sunshine City) because I can never find someone who wants to go there haha!
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