Celebrating my friend's birthday!

Wow, its a summer day today, how sad! My makeup feels like its melting and I just want to lay on the floor and bemoan my situation haha. Luckily until this day most days were cool (though rainy) and my friend's birthday day was quite comfortable for going out!

My outfit for the day. My friend said I looked more gyaru so yay for improvement? haha

This was the first time I could celebrate my friend's birthday with him. Last year I was in Japan for May, July and August, missing the month of June entirely so there was so chance for me to be part of the celebrations.

Personally my birthday celebrations/parties have been getting smaller/tapering off since my sweet 16th and I would guess that's the same for many people. The best parties are when you are younger.

In the line to buy tickets at Toho Cinema in Roppongi Hills

I suggested a movie would be fun for a birthday party, especially in Japan its so enjoyable because people actually keep their mouths shut and the food is interesting haha. I was able to use my university ID to get the student discount yes!

We saw X-men First Class, and I think it's quite good!

The type of snacks you can buy at the movie theater, argh, hungry!

Saw a Cars 2 preview, oh kinda a sad screen cap TT

Sadly there were some Filipina women behind me laughing at really inappropriate times and talking. There were also some Asian-american preteens (I think American from the accent) also talking. Thankfully just 4 people out of the whole theater.

Going to Donki in Roppongi!

Man they had these poor live newt thingies (plus marimo) for sale TT

After the movie ended we went to Donki because I wanted to buy some off-brand crocs. I can't walk to/in the stations with my high heels so I need comfy shoes to slip into. It was fun looking there as usual, but I had to buy men's size, how sad. Then we went for purikura, because I have to purikura.

My new ugly crocs, atleast white doesn't look too bad

This is the machine we used, it's ok

Oh my god, kitty you so cute but not worth 2,000$ DX

We also stopped by a pet store, because my friend likes animals. Luckily I got this one shot before getting scolded haha! The price of animals is so ridiculous in Japan, how do people afford them?

The end of the birthday day of course included cake! You can't have a bday without it ^^ We found this cute cake at a local supermarket and since it was later at night, it had a discount! Numbers censored for my friend's privacy.

I hope my friend has a good birthday, everyone deserves to have a nice day on the day they were born!
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