Japan Gems shopping service is up

Good evening everyone. I'm sorry about yesterday's premature posting of the Fashion Hime Friday, it was a bit before Friday even here. I would like to blame it on not being adjusted to the time difference yet, but its just because I have no work or school to orientate my days DX

Regarding my previous post asking for feedback on a possible shopping service, I was very pleased to receive such an overwhelming positive response. I too have often wished I could get something available only in stores in Japan.

So today I finished inputting all the informational details and text into my shopping service website, and now announce that Japan Gems is open.

You can find everything you need to know about using the service there hopefully, and if there is something I missed please feel free to let me know.

I did my best to keep the fees as low as I could, unfortunately I live on the far edge of Tokyo (2 stops away from Chiba ha) so train fare is not as cheap. And the spiraling exchange rate makes me sad argh TT

Hopefully this service can be useful for clothing items, cheaper items would probably not be worth the fees. It may also be useful to order items together with others living in your home country or something.

But feel free to consider this an option if there is something you really want thats exclusive in-store in Tokyo^^
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