Being girly and Getting!

Hey friends! Sorry that the following is just a "hey I bought stuff, don't you want to see it huh??" post. I feel so lazy when I write something like this, but actually I feel more like I want a little break XD I have plenty of things to write about, perhaps I should write about Disney again and cheer myself up a bit hehe.

Anyway, I am not buying so much on this trip compared to others, my budget is very strict and really...dang I have a lot of clothes!! Gotta clean out the wardrobe before getting new stuff, organizing is always fun for me.

I think I may like the cross motif a bit too much... XD

Cute cheap belt and the biggest ring I could find at F21

First are some cheap accessories I bought. Nothing cost more than 400 yen, I really like that you can find some nice things at Paris Kid's and L.Chance that are acceptable style/quality and don't break the budget.

Got a Kumikki fan freebie at 109

Here's some more of the girly part, I posted these two magazine inspiration pictures near my mirror. I really like how dramatic red and teal look together, I won't get a chance to wear that before summer ends so just have to enjoy looking^^ Bumblebee (where gainjin gal Jaenyi worked) closed, and not there is a Kumikki backed purikura there, got the fan from the staff XD

My magazine gets (still waiting for Nuts on the 17th!) Edges is really nice, and as you can see by my tags, there's alot of outfits I find inspiring in there. The Rose Fan Fan necklace was a leftover freebie the bookstore gave to me XD

And now onto the real gets!!

MiiA has a nice reuseable bag, but I wish I could take more from moussy than just the flier XD

MiiA fringe cardi and one way asymmetrical pleated skirt

I liked the fit of this shirt SO much I bought both colorways haha!! Janiss brand

Ghost of Harlem awesome cut-out cardi, adult but rock! 
And tank with lace backstyle and nice hemline, Zelos brand

Ok that's enough about things I got, should be the last one here in Japan. I have very little folding money left, and its all ear marked for useful things haha. Well except the October Nuts, gotta have that.
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