Things to love last weekend

Sorry I was not able to update yesterday, I went out shopping at 109 #^^# I was gone for 5 hours (including travel time) and then when I got back I wanted to go on my evening walk. I was just too tired to blog!

I don't have so many things to Japan anymore, with the amount of days I've spent here in the last couple of years I'm kinda in between tourist and long stay, I've done all the touristy things. But luckily there are small things to enjoy everywhere in Tokyo!

The local zoo is this small you can get so close to the animals!

I stay (people don't like it when I say live haha) in Edogawa-ku, its basically residential. Ichinoe is small, but go over a couple towns to Nishi-Kasai and you can find some nice cheap shopping. My friend wanted to go to his gym there, so I planned to check out Avail and Shimamu.

Argh, so cute and sleepy!!
But first we went to the local zoo again, its free but very tiny and the animals are a bit crazy/aggressive from being enclosed. They do have a Red Panda, which is a favorite animal of mine so I always like going there. Then me and my friend parted ways and I shopped a bit.

I didn't take any photos in Avail or Shimamu, but now I realized I missed an opportunity! I could show my recommended cheap clothing...dur TT

My outfit of that day, I love this southwest shirt and its colors!

I was starting to fade from lack of energy, I'd been up all last night during the slumber party at Hana's. My friend offered to stop at Mister Donut so we could share a snack. They after super adorable new bear donuts now and of course we picked matcha!

Luckily there were also some local matsuri (2 of them!) going on that night so I was able to snap a couple interesting pictures despite my laziness. I swore this time I would take a zillion photos in Japan but I guess I'm totally passed that. I wish I would have known about the matsuri atleast, then I wouldn't brought the DSLR.

One of the matsuri

The other matsuri

It looked really fun for the kids, and the traditional music was nice. The main points of matsuri are eating, dancing and playing the games. Well I can't eat that food, don't know the dances and feel weird pushing kids out of the way to scoop up bouncy balls.

Though I can't do anything its still the best type of place for a "This is Japan!" type of photograph haha!!
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