Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Good morning! Yay finally I can write this post I have been excited about for some weeks. After the big positive response to my drag post, I became more confident to show myself in different styles. And hopefully everyone will enjoy this post too, it's really special to me^^

Yesterday me, mom, my mom's friend and her daughters (who are my friends) went to see The Rocky Horror Show at a local theater here in Minneapolis. I honestly had only seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show once and recently, but this show is important to my life. My mom and her friend were very deep in the fandom before I was born.

They were part of the original shadow cast of Rocky Horror in Uptown Minneapolis. They were preforming with the movie version every Friday and Saturday night when they were even younger than I am now XD And it's how my mom and dad met, he was Eddie and she was Columbia hehe.

And now my mom has passed the torch and her hand-sewn sequin tail coat to me. I wore her Columbia costume to the stage performance yesterday for fun! We made new shorts and a top for me, but the coat, hat and bowtie are all vintage originals she made.

My eyebrows are not photoshopped off, I actually did glue them down!
And my mom did my makeup XD

I have to say, I did win the costume contest they have at every showing haha! Honestly though, only my mom as Eddie and my friend as Riff Raff were competition for me.I got tickets to a different stage play showing next month.

But I have to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show more because I don't know how to act like Columbia, and I don't have confidence haha. When the actors pulled me on stage after the show to do the Time Warp I was exposed as a poser (because I don't know it...)

Well the last Friday of every month they still show Rocky Horror at the Uptown, so hopefully I can be Columbia again soon!
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