Time to Draguate!

Oh sorry everyone! I evilly skipped posting yesterday and then today was so busy. Well my mom was being productive I was just playing DDR and dress-up haha! Anyway, onto to the topic at hand - Draguation XD

RuPaul's Drag U is one of the shows me and my mom enjoy watching on the weekend, and really the professors are so pretty (Some even make me feel jealous haha). I really feel inspired by their drag makeup and how it can really transform a person into someone else. Though I don't know anything about drag makeup I wanted to have a try at it.

Luckily I know some basic techniques from doing gyaru makeup previously, so I just kept building it up and up haha. The contouring was so heavy I felt a bit "Wow..." when I looked at myself, but at the same time it's so fun just to be extreme!

Though I can't do contouring like this in daily life I feel inspired to experiment more the color and darkness in my eye makeup^^ The theme of my look was blue and a bit retro 20s. I don't have clothes as fabulous as drag queens wear, but I think I pulled together something cute. And now I spam you more!

I know this is a bit far from what I usually post, I hope you can appreciate this too, it's just something fun for me to do haha. If you don't like this look please don't leave me an insult like "You look like a man!" that's partially the point... Also I think it's good to mix it up a bit, it's been a bit stagnant in here so throwing in something random like this is right XD

My drag name is Opal Essence by the way XD
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