Now for some natural beauty

Perhaps I expended too much mental energy on the last post content haha, because now I don't know what to post! Well really what can I write to top that unless I do some more interesting makeup or fashion? I don't feel very pretty right now so I'm not gonna fancy up for a bit, and I think some nature-y photos are perfect to change up one's mental attitude right XD

Honestly these photos are from over a year ago, and I don't remember the name of this place at all... Yes, why didn't I write it down at the time? Well well, it was rather an out of the way garden so it may not be the place many people mark down in their travel schedule^^

This snack photo is random but I saw these Kit Kats in a conbini on the way to the garden. Bitter Almond should be a regular type of flavor for chocolate, but I was very curious about the Cola and Lemon flavor, too bad I couldn't try it!

Walking in the back streets to reach the garden

Anyhow, the waterfall garden I visited was a rather far walk from the station so maybe I should have gotten a snack haha. It was a warm day and I was already quite sweaty from the walking, but the shade and water of the garden did little to cool me off.

But it was pretty, so please enjoy some photos, hopefully you will find the beauty in them too!

Well here's the map of the garden, I guess someone can translate the name?

There was a cemetery right next to it

Hmm, well that's that! I'll try to think of some new interesting things to write about so everyone can keep enjoying Moments Like Diamonds, the 2 year anniversary will be next month so sometimes its hard to keep it fresh after all this time haha!
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