Made some big ol' pants + care package!

Good evening everyone! I really appreciate the comments that I got on my nature post earlier today, I know it may not have given that much inspiration for commenting so its especially nice to see your kind words! Today was fairly long but I did accomplish a few things.

Earlier this week my made me some pants at my request. We had already begun working on our Halloween costumes so I guess I was in the mood to make some more clothing! I had some crushed velour laying about from a previous Halloween costume and rather than let it languish forever I thought "Let's make some wide pants!"

I was inspired by velvet wide pants I've seen from Murua, and honestly I know these may put some people off but I find them charming somehow XD It's also really nice to have your own made clothing. Maybe it will sound silly but I put self made clothes (of decent quality) up there with designer clothes haha!!

After taking these photos of the pants, I went and saw Contagion with my mom for her B-day (a day late but less people during the week!) Its disturbing in it's reality so you feel a bit empty when you leave the theater TT But when I got home I found a package - from Thanh Thao!

Chocolate, a sweet letter and what else...?

Sunshine Ponies!!

I'm sorry the chocolate got squished a bit Thanh Thao but it is so cute anyhow X3 And the ponies!! It's such a sweet and thoughtful gift, I began collecting ponies again earlier this year and gifts that are so thoughtful really brighten the day. Well gotta get a couple more things so I can send a care package back to Thanh Thao^^
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