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Oh school day again, I woke up late when I was meant to wake up early and write a paper. So then I had to write my research methodology proposal in 20 minutes haha. I got it done of course but then later my teacher told me it was due next week actually. Well better early than late right?

I am doing another coordinate post because I did dressup a bit this week! I'm not going to dress up for school this week, but I have some events this weekend anyways. I always feel posts with my own pics are so boring but it seems to be opposite?

Well I like these coordinates so I hope you do too!

9-6-11 coordinate

I wanted to use this chiffon cardi before it got cold, but I guess there will be some more warm temperatures for awhile yet. I wore it over a plain black tank and shorts to let the cardigan stand out and some orange accessories.

9-7-11 coordinate

And this one is quite different from the previous day, I never used this sweater often but actually I quite like it. Its a summer knit but I used some autumn colored items with it. Sorry about the heavy shadows but I can't rightly complain about too much sunshine hehe!

I also think my hair style turned out nicely on that day. I was worried about it being too high, but I still think it's a pretty cute hairdo.

And because I always say I'm not going to buy more - here's the stuff I bought recently. These are the last things I wanted for my autumn wardrobe, especially the mustard colored leggings!

Tiger tshirt and oversize cardigan

Some basic denim shorts and mustard colored leggings

Little cheap accessories. The press-on nails are just 1.50$!! And the tassel earrings are even nicer than I expected^^

And these items are not bought items, they are items from my maternal grandparents

Ok, I don't have anything interesting to say. Sitting through boring class today then hanging with my dad tomorrow, got lots to do and even more that needs to be done but gets pushed on the back burner haha!
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