ONE 7 WAYS 13th ed - Orange cardi!

Hi everyone! I want to have Tuesday as the One 7 Ways day, but this week got a little behind because of the holiday on Monday. Everything just got a bit pushed back right? haha! But generally I think I should be able to keep O7Ws on Tuesdays. I'm applying for jobs but I hope whatever job I get lets me have some time for coordinating XD

In this 13th edition of voting the orange cardigan won out by a narrow margin. Since I've done knit wear several times now I swear in the next voting I will change things up a bit and not offer any knit items. But until then please enjoy what I came up with for this cardi!

Style 1
I think this one is my personal favorite, its the coordination I thought of immediately when I saw which item won. I used a white graphic tank, wide pleat pants, a purple necklace and black headband

Style 2
This one is pretty cute to me too, I wasn't too sure about it at first but when I put the russian hat on it looks really sweet to me hehe. I also used a cream colored collar dress, rosary necklace and a red necklace

Style 3
This is a bit of a retro style using a collar shirt and corduroy skirt, overall I like how it turned out and I think the wine color of the skirt works well with the cardigan when the cross necklace pulls it all together

Style 4
This must be work wear, it doesn't look quite stylish to me to be a shopping or going out outfit. But I still think its pretty wearable and ok to look at. I used a black tank top, blue tight skirt, black belt and chain necklace

Style 5
Here's another one I really like, I like the pants outfits best I guess. I think its just nice to wear pants with a cardigan or something haha! I used a white tshirt, rosary necklace and leather-like leggings

Style 6
I tried to use the cardigan as a shirt in this coordi but hmm, it's not working amazingly. The colors are atractive enough but it just doesn't look that up to date. I used a purple necklace, brown belt, cross necklace and magenta tight skirt

Style 7
Another good one in my opinion hehe, I like this shirt alot it can make any coordi look better haha! The turquoise necklace adds another layer of interest and I also used a fedora and denim shorts
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