Tsubohachi, a chain izakaya

Thank you everyone who has given me such nice comments on my last post with my face photos, I feel photos like that are so boring/off-putting but your support makes me more confident^^ Anyhow I am also sorry that I haven't blogged recently, this weekend was so busy everyday! But atleast now I got the fabric for my halloween costume!

I'm going to do a Japan writeup now, try to break up the personal fashion-y posts a bit haha. Today I am introducing Tsubohachi and like it says in the title Tsubohachi is a chain of izakaya (Japanese pubs) which can be found in locations all over Japan.

Tsubohachi in Motoyawata

Although one of the fun point of izakaya is the huge variety of them and the specialty of small individually run izakaya. But there are times when you want a cheap meal in which you know exactly what you will get. Like other chain izakaya Tsubohachi has a very low cost menu so you can feel free to eat alot haha!

A menu page of Tsubohachi

Complimentary appetizers

We stopped at this Tsubohachi after our game of bowling and exploring Motoyawata a little bit. The interior was a bit dated, but it was comfortable. We got a floor table, but there was a cutout in the floor for everyone's legs so it was still comfortable haha.

Of course as usual I was trying to save money and eat properly so I didn't try so much at Tsubohachi, but everything I did have was pretty good in quality. It was personally what I expect for lower cost food, and I think I'm fairly realistic but still optimistic in my expectations haha!

Daikon Salad

Tamagoyaki seasoned with dashi

A tiny little parfait, good but teeny haha!

I know we had more, but I guess I didn't take pics of what my friend ordered, sorry there was not much food to look at! But as you can see from the menu photo there is plenty to choose from, especially a lot of nice Japanese type foods. The quantities are small so make sure to order many different things haha!

I haven't eaten at a izakaya in a long time, indeed I think I only dined at a restaurant twice or something during my Japan Trip this summer. But if you have the chance please try some izakaya the food is usually great and the atmosphere is fun and enjoyable^^
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