9-04-11 coordinate + no lens makeup

Good afternoon everyone, oh whooh I just mowed the backyard in 20 minutes and cleaned the bathroom and helped make some salads. Because it's Labor Day weekend there's no time for rest (not for the hosts atleast) so that's why I haven't been able to check in recently.

I'm a bit out of energy so all I have to offer at this moment is a coordinate I wore this week. I had planned to dress properly everyday this week but since I was sick I only brought myself to do it one day. But I did do full makeup (minus lenses) I even used foundations!

Here's a wonderful spam of my face, just what you have always wanted! XP ha

Certainly I think foundation makes the makeup look better, its easier to apply highlighting and contour to it, and it produces much nicer photos. I just hate caking it on, I always worry it looks obvious and drowns my skin. But I am contouring my nose wider now, and the result pleases me.

And then I put on my outfit, which I guess is casual retro. I like the color combination but I really feel there is something missing. A purse, headwear? Anyhow this is too simple for me haha, I have to step up my hair styling if I wear such casual outfits.

But it's cute enough, I will put even more effort in when I am 100% recovered. I have tons of inspiration just need to create it! Well to everyone in the US I hope you are having a great Labor Day!
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