What about going back to Ichinoe?

Hello there, how was your weekend everyone? Finally I post something again because another person told me I had to blog. It's not a very nice thing to say, but it's so hard to do something when you don't care about it. Sometimes I feel like if I re-did this whole blog, got a new handle and started over maybe I'd enjoy it as I used to. But it's hard to start over from 0.

As you may know, I haven't traveled to Japan in 7 months. And really I had no intention to go back because my last trip was really difficult for me. I'm still not sure what I want to do with life, where to live basically (I am not picky about what job I'd do as long as the pay supports me haha!) and hobbies etc.

This is 2-3 block away from my friend's apartment, I didn't realize forever haha!

Prayer tablets, this pic turned out nicely

So recently I began thinking of having one last travel to Japan then decide next year where I want to live. Seems reasonable for someone who is terrible at making a decision right? haha!

My initial thought was to go in September until our next trip to Disneyworld. Then my mom suggested I go in May after a family engagement. So now I have a lot to consider right? XO There's good points to each date (Either way I shouldn't leave all my stuff in my friend's apartment forever). My question: Do you think May-June or Sept-Oct?

There's an antique shop nearby as well, with a lovely display of mugs

Last time we saw Dragon Ball Z soda, now we have Ultraman XD

The neighbors has their Hello Kitty out and dressed fancy again

I thought that some more photos of around Ichinoe would work well with this topic. It seems you can find interesting all around in Tokyo. I wonder if there are so many interesting things in Minneapolis too (there's so much I haven't explored here!). Given the chance to see Tokyo again, what would I find new?

This bath salt packet came with an advert in the mail (never tried it tho haha)

Fullmetal Alchemist caught my eye in the station!

Last summer AKB48 began to show up alot in mainstream cultural artifacts, and they pervade more and more (an upcoming post on that!)

Well what can I say in closing that will be concise and zingy? Nothing? I think so too haha! I have a deadline for losing weight now atleast, and a good reason to get this blog back on its feet so atleast this last travel to Japan idea can bolster my daily life.
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