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Hello again! Though I wasn't healthy today, atleast I am blogging, one out of two isn't bad...haha! I think one of the big problems in my life is the lack of schedule. Although noone wants to be in a rut, having a daily schedule (specific meal times, waking at the same time etc) reduces stress. It seems like an easy goal that would make some positive change for me.

And thanks to you guys who left such supportive messages on my last post. I didn't think the post was so introspective and gloomy, but its great to have supporters throughout this.

So today's post will hopefully be useful for travelers to Tokyo as well as being positive and fun to read. I would like to introduce another great shopping mall in Tokyo that's great for gyaru style as well as your general fashionable needs!

The exterior of Ueno ABAB

Ueno ABAB is a shopping mall located in Ueno (self evident right XD) and several blocks away from Ueno Park. Its a great place to stop on your visit to Ueno if you like fashion, accessories and such, or to visit some of your favorite retail chains.

This is a 7 floor mall, geared mostly towards young women. It does contain some other shops which can entertain everyone if you are visiting with those not interested in women's fashion goods. A Uniqlo occupies the entire 6th floor and Daiso in on the 7th along with Sweets Paradise.

You can get some grab n go sweets here, or sit down at Sweets Paradise on the 7th floor

The basement contains a cosmetic shop and several lingerie shops

MA*RS in Ueno ABAB

Entering on the first floor brings into a maze of shoe, accessory and clothing shops. When I say maze, I mean it haha! The escalator placements are awkward and the shops are often stall-like with no walls. But for those in an exploring mood this can be an interesting experience haha.

In the basement you will find a cosmetics shop, with a nice selection of eyelashes, I saw some brands I hadn't seen in shops near me. Another draw are the discount underwear shops, you can find some glitzy, frilly and fun bras for around 1,500. I'm sure they aren't so comfy at that price, but comfort isn't the point of those bras XD

At one of the many accessory shops

Nail decoration supplies

Ueno houses several well known brands like MA*RS, Jurianojurrie, MeJane, Love Drug Store, LB-03 and many other low cost shops. You can find shoes, hair goods, cosmetics, hostess wear. And there are also some salon services on the 7th floor. It's got every type of thing you may want to buy.

There are more up to date, branded and well designed malls throughout Tokyo, but when you are in Ueno this is the place to stop for young women. I also noticed the MA*RS there hadn't sold out of some items sold out online.

Some cheap hostess dresses

A trendy outfit on display

If you would like some more information on Ueno ABAB make sure to check out Kirin's great article here, and here is the floor plan/map.

I have a bit more to write about Ueno in upcoming posts, there's alot to do in Ueno for sure though other areas of Tokyo are more glamorous and get more attention haha.
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