Cute item tour through the Daiso

Good morning everyone! Isn't it strange when I post now, that's how I feel, I never thought the day would come when blogging felt like this. I mean rather than being a habit as it was before, now it's some sort of one-off and it feels strange. My whole life feels strange now, I've gone back to the sort of life I had several years ago and everything I did/loved during the course of this blog has disappeared from my life.

I haven't traveled to Japan for 7 months, it's the longest amount of time between a Japan Trip for the past three years. I'm not taking photos for any new Japan related posts, but I want to keep writing about Japan so it may be soon enough I don't have any more post fodder. Until then I hope you enjoy these posts.

The Daiso carries a large range of 100 yen cosmetics actually (they are already known for their 100 yen eyelashes) but you can also make some cheap manicures too!

Giant spangle ribbons, sometimes you see 109 shop staff wearing these sort of ribbons during special events haha

The Daiso is a store that I have written about several times before. (Cute on the Cheap and Shopping at Jam Pixy and Daiso) This post will include more fun photos tho!

Due to the Daiso being a place where you can find all sort of fun and crazy items for just 100 yen, and it expanding to a worldwide company it has become rather well known. But that doesn't mean there's not always something interesting to show about this 100 yen shop!

The Daiso also carries lots of cute bento, a great way to build a large bento collection!

The rest of their kitchenwares are very cute too, look at this mouse's face hehe

Stationary goods that appeal to young girls, or those young at heart

In Ichinoe, where I have stayed during my last 4 trips, there is a Daiso. It was a bit of a walk from the apartment at around 20 minutes one way, but it was really nice to have it within walking distance. Feeling bored? Need something to clean or organize? Just head over to the Daiso haha. Of course it's a great place to pick up cute or silly things, good for souvenirs!

These 3D stickers are so cute, the fabric is iridescent, and they would be great for scrapbooking too^^

This was in the postcards, amongst typical scenes of Japan! How random to find this old movie picture of Brad XD

Daiso also has tons of yummy snacks, including "impulse buys" around the register in case you forget you need some gummis

The Daiso also has a discount Purikura machine, it's an older model but only 200yen. The 10-13 year olds around town liked to use this!

The sad thing is now that Daiso was to be closed at the end of last summer. Since I haven't returned I'm not sure if it did close or what the fate of that particular Daiso is. I wonder what other things have changed there in these past 7 months, will I go there again? Whenever I write these Japan posts (finally DX) I feel as if I ought to be there in a way.

Well my goal in life is to change my entire life haha. I want to get back into the life I was leading before Christmas - including losing weight, blogging everyday, dressing nicely and traveling. I will try to blog everyday this week so I can start changing my habits. I do actually have a new job now (not that it's good or I like it) but perhaps the structure will help haha.

I'm also going to try and catch up on replying (since I haven't....)
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