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Good morning everyone! It feels so long since I last updated, it wasn't so long right? It just feels like it because I have been doing so much perhaps! XD I hung out with Hana all afternoon on Friday and then had a sleep over at her house. It was so fun/exciting because it was my first sleep over in years.

I can't wait to blog about that, but I still need to prepare the photos so it has to wait one more day. Today I am also going out, to my friend's friend's house party, so I'm bringing you something reliable - cute items photos! haha.

Micro-fiber dusting mitt at Donki, Japanese apartments are known for being super dusty so this is really useful haha!

There really is NO end to the cute things you can consume here in Japan, cute culture exists here like no where else. A large portion of the whole society (even 50 yo men) have some kind of cute strap on their bag/phone ha. There's characters to represent every item or service imaginable, and they even have a word (zakka) for cute misc household decorative items.

Yum Yums character goods, they have since lost their popularity so you can get them super cheap on sale now

Note the hole on this one's tummy - it's a tissue box cover!

So as you may guess its quite easy to find cute things where-ever you turn, but not all cute things are cheap in Japan. In fact many cute brands or character items may have you saying "510 yen for a notepad??" (or maybe you are not so spendthrift as me haha!) So for people looking for a bargain Daiso and Donki continue to be the answer XD

How about some super cheap gyaru shoes, under 1000 yen and tied in with SBY

Donki is nice for stocking alot of character brand items (where everyone goes directly for kigurumi) but the prices are not rock bottom. The lowest cost items can be found at the Daiso, and they even have tie-in goods with Disney and Sanrio characters!

Tons of adorable gift-wrapping supplies

Christmas tinsel garland available all year long, some people like to use it for regular decoration in their rooms

Because the character goods, the Daiso also produces a lot of its own original cute items such as printed stationary, stickers, pouches, dishware and beauty goods. Not only cute things, but unique and interesting things as well haha. There's a reason you see so many tourists stopping at the Daiso on Takeshita dori.

Sanrio character Shinkansen scratch off game and cute generic animal erasers

It's a great place to pick up super cheap cute or Japanese type gifts when you have a big list of people to bring back a gift for. Like a Hello Kitty body wash towel, its something we don't use in the west with a cute character on it for just 100 yen!

Stickers purchased from the Daiso

Anyhow, this has just been my excuse to post more cute photos, which I love to do and hopefully you love to see. But I hope everyone feels that Donki and The Daiso are good gift-shopping place too, because cute is so ubiquitous in Japan it means it doesn't have to be expensive haha!

What cute cheap items have you found at the Donki or Daiso?
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