Slumber party-a-rama!

Thank you everyone for your patience with me, the weekends are always a bit busier for me since its the only time I can really hang out with my friend. And this past weekend was even busier than usual because I had a super fun meetup then slumber party with my good friend Hana.

I tried this 0kcal vitamin drink on the train to the meetup, I recommend it!

It was quite rainy in the morning as I was getting ready so I figured I would wear a simple outfit with sneakers to save myself from any discomfort (I have a weird thing about rain/water getting on my feet) but after I got off the train it had become sunny out. Oh well!

This was my outfit, not too special and taken in H&M

I got there a bit early at our meeting point in Shibuya and did a little shopping at Forever21. I picked up a cheap "yellow tag" belt for 400 yen and the biggest ring I could find and went to meet Hana. We then started a tiny shopping spree, well much was looked at XD

Tanabata decorations on Center Gai

We went to H&M so I could return a belt (yeah after I bought one, but I wanted to save some money haha) luckily they had an english speaking staff, otherwise they wouldn't let me return the tagless belt (tagless when I bought it). Hana got a swimsuit!

We got some gelato to share, pistachio, hazelnut and mango, no pic but I assure you it was good haha. Then we wondered back towards 109 after stopping in Seibu and some other random shop. I spotted Tsubasa a couple places around Shibuya, so I snapped her.

This commercial is all over the TV

I'm not into this, but some others might like to see this XD

Then we shopped for a couple or few hours in 109, it was sooo fun XD Hana was trying to find the right pair of olive hued shorts so I got to browse in a lot of stores I am normally too awkward to enter. I wanna go back and browse: one way, Barak, Spiral Girl, Deyle, Backs, L.D.S etc now!!

The "tower of power" as Mitsu would say!

I was good and didn't buy anything there despite all the tempting sales, they were also putting out Autumn items (its August - time for Autumn items haha) so I couldn't focus on summer sale items anymore DX

I will do a post on Autumn items soon!!

Well then we headed to Hana's apartment. We first had dinner at a local Thai resturant cause it was late so the hunger level was high haha! Then we went back to her apartment and chatted!

Makeup items Hana gave me!!

We talked about so many things, not just fashion things. It was nice to have a real conversation, it feels like I haven't since I arrived haha. She gave me tons of makeup, accessories, and clothes she didn't want to bring with her, and I'm SO thankful, I feel so lucky gifts always mean so much to me.

She also gave me the July issue of Edge's which came with an Egoist tote. The shape and size is so nice and useful. Plus it made me realize what a great mag Edge's is! I saw the 1st or 2nd isuse but it didn't impress me, but it seems to have improved and the model Ryo is so cute!

And lastly she gave me a whole bag of UFO prizes her husband Sho caught, he had really caught a lot they couldn't bring. I am a cute things/toy nerd, I am so excited to add them to the collection. The pic above doesn't properly show how many there really are haha!

Well it was so fun to sleep at someone's house again, it's been like 2 years or something. After high school slumber parties just don't happen so much. Hana is really geniune and sweet, she gave me so many nice things as well as a wonderful experience that made this trip more worthwhile!!
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