Autumn Fashion Forecast!

Hi there, how is the weather in your town today? It's pretty grey here but atleast it's no sweltering XD As I mentioned yesterday, all the fall fashions are coming out in the gyaru brand shops now and it's gotten me excited. Autumn is my favorite season!

This summer black, bold prints, rockish details etc were trendy so I liked the fashion alot, but I'm still ready for autumn XD I am still a fashion newb, its been 1 year since I got into gyaru. But these are some things I noticed in the autumn collections. I hope this will be a bit helpful getting ready for A/W.

Well these are real autumn colors right, like literaly XD So it shouldn't be surprising to see them, just this time in gyaru fashion^^ Personally I feel there is some difference between deep red and wine, but generally they are grouped together under "enji" in Japanese.
Also be on the lookout for Cobalt blue and Spring green!!

Besides platform heels, wedges and boots as usual, flat mannish shoes will be trendy. Low socks will continue and you may see some dark color low socks too. These square bags are cropping up big time, and especially in backpack/3way bag form. Backpacks of other varieties will be popular too I guess. The headband trend will continue with knit fabric making it more wintery haha.

Collars will continue where spring left off, they may even grow bigger! This includes lace, peter pan and regular collars. Fringe will be on jersey knit stoles and cardigans. And heavy texture fabrics like suede, corduroy and maybe velvet will be utilized.

Maxi dresses and skirts were/are big always in the summer, that super length will continue into autumn with more maxi skirts, dusters, long cardis and trapeze shirts. Mixing in high color accessories or items with neutrals is part of the color-blocking trend.

Ok, this one gets it's own graphic - the chiffon pleat trend haha, because I really like it XD Pleated skirts are coming out from many gyaru brands already. And although gyaru are known for short skirts, many pleat skirts will be around knee-length. But you can find mini-length and short pants like Red Lip's offering.


LDS coordi: Mustard, collar, low socks, mannish shoes
ViVi coordi: Heavy texture, viridian, collar, low socks, square bag
moussy coordi: Mustard, knit headband

Yumetebo coordi 1: Viridian, knit headband, collar
Yumetenbo coordi 2: Mustard, super length, knit headband, fringe
INGNI coordi 1: Collar, camel
INGNI coordi 2: Mustard, collar, square bag, deep red

All Galstar Coordi 1: Deep red
Coordi 2: Mustard, super length, camel
Coordi 3: Collar, high color, viridian

If you are interested in seeing more Autumn stuff now please check out the following links:
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Fur, plaid, tall boots, tall socks, legwear, animal print, black, knit (you can see them in the example coordis) are all staple winter items/trends that will be around, I just wanted to mention some things that seemed to stand out. As I said before I don't know much about fashion and I don't know what will grow or wane of these items.
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