What's in my makeup bag - in Tokyo ed.

Good evening all! Today was a crappy day weather-wise, luckily I got a break around 15:00 so I could go for a walk, but 2 hours later when I went walking to the conbini it was raining again. And I had just put the laundry out TT

Anyhow, I have an earache again, and was gonna put off blogging, but I'm not yay XD ha

The inspiration for this post comes from the very sweet and wonderful Shmuberry, who showed her travel makeup bag for her upcoming trip to Korea ^^/ It's so exciting for her!! Well I traveled here to Tokyo, and of course I didn't want/need to bring everything, but here are my bare essentials.


Bag: Edges August issue x Gilfy freebie. I brought a different bag here, but its packed away. This bag is cuter, though not as high quality XD

Eyelash case: From a local 100 yen store. It's pink and glittery so I love it, plus you can put in 4 eyelash trays, not just a bunch of free floating eyelashes. That makes me crazy!

Cezanne #4 Matte Brown shading powder: I bought this because I was using bronzer for contouring previously and I needed something more natural. The price is good and you can see several gyaru models use it.

Canmake P23 Peach Pink powder blush: I had pink and I had orange, both are bright colors but when combined together they make a perfect shade! It's my favorite blush now because it matches to many looks.

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese: I use this as my eye highlighter. I apply it to the inner corners and right under the arch of my brows.

VISEE Blackish Forming Eyes B-2: My most loved eye palette, it's easy to use, never flakes and has enough pigment. Not too many models use it, but it has never failed me XD

Canmake Highlighter 05: This highlighter has beige undertones which make it more natural and easy to blend. Though I am pale so it doesn't show up too well.

Eyelashes Fixer EX Clear type: This is so recommended by me haha, it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes and has a brush so its very easy to use.

Revlon Colorstay liquid liner
: This is my "top layer" eye liner that I use to darken my line and create the wing. It has a small brush that I personally find easy but others may not like that.

Maybelline Define-a-line liner: This is a twist-up pencil eyeliner, which makes it rather convenient for traveling, no sharpener required. I realize its not the smoothest out there, but I still always use it haha.

Maybelline Mineral Powder concealer: It contains no talc, oil or fragrance so I don't react to it! I have tried other concealers, but I came back to this one as it matches well and covers nicely.

Wet n Wild Mega Last lipstick in 901B
: This is a dupe for a MAC color, but it was like 2$ haha. The formula is not so smooth and drying, but with lip gloss it turns out fine haha.

I don't use any foundation, I know how evil of me, but luckily I don't have too much I want to cover up that concealer can't handle. I hope this was a bit fun to read, but I'll update again soon anyway XD I'm thinking of making a new cooler/otona taste layout so perhaps that will happen soon too.
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